The meaning of life

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Well, lets start with the meaning of life. Why does a person live?

A person lives in order to live. Everything good that happens to them, all their dreams and goals make senae for them only while they are alive. So, if the person does not exist, their personal meanings do not exist either. No matter how happy a person is – it all goes away. Aging and death erase everything. Yes, of course, kids, accomplishments, somebody’s memories stay, but it already doesn’t matter to the person, because there is no more person. Death sets the counter of accomplishments to zero. Aging makes life intolerable. And this is not fair. And it would be great if something could be done so that people would not age, so that death would not be inevitable.

Science studies the mechanisms of aging. Biomedical technologies are being developed. But it’s all done too slowly. First of all, because people do not see the meaning of life, do not think about it and keep deceiting themselves. It seems like it’s in everybody’s interest to live much longer and be healthy, but only a few are ready to make an effort. That’s why it’s all so slow, and that’s why biogerontology is being scarcely funded.

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