Regenerative Medicine Roadmap

Okay, this is one of the things that we’re doing in the Science for Life Extension Foundation. It’s the Regenerative Medicine Roadmap Chart, the first draft of the scientific part of the future Roadmap which, I believe, is an essential document for the whole field.

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Regenerative medicine is now one of the few rapidly developing fields that have a great potential in significantly improving the quality of life and promoting longevity. It is highly important to create a roadmap in order to enable effective collaboration among the researchers and to multiply the future outcomes of their work.

The purpose of this chart is to create an overview of the field from the scientific point of view and to list the current and future research directions in each area. The goal is to create a draft of the scientific part of the Regenerative Medicine Roadmap, which would set the guidelines for the scientists, provide research plans for the institutions and help attract potential sponsors and investors.

Regenerative Medicine is divided into 5 blocks: Tissue engineering, Cell therapy, Diagnostic platforms, Healing Therapies and Supporting Technologies. The main focus of the chart lies in the Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy parts. These parts are schematically divided into components, which in turn are described in more detail with specific research directions. Tissue Engineering comprises such areas as methods, cells for use, biomaterials, and database creation. The Cell Therapy part consists of three blocks: cell removal, regenerative capacity restoration and adding cells. Specific research directions listed provide the ground for forming research plans in each particular area. This preliminary work will help create a highly detailed plan of action in regenerative medicine.

We propose a collaboration in creating the Roadmap.
The link to download a pdf of the chart.


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