15 mistakes of an investor who funds research on life extension

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1. Despite everything that I am going to write further, the biggest mistake of an investor is to think that someone else is going to fund the search for interventions into human aging such as growing and creating artificial organs. Despite quite a large amount of news on this topic, there are no breakthroughs yet, and that’s mostly because of a lack of money and good management. I’d like to note that the capitalization of a dead investor is equal to zero, and it’s only research into life extension that can help them thrive on and on.

2. So, one day, having heard the scientists discovered something, an investor thinks: what’s that about? And the very same second when he thinks “what’s that about,” there’s already a man in front of him with a totally great proposal on life extension. Depending on how lucky the investor is, it may be: a good scientist, a bad scientist, a fraud, or an insane person. In any other case all the life experience of our investor would have told him that he at least shouldn’t deal with an idiot. But not in this situation, he starts to think that this is how scientists look like.

3. Depending on who happened to be in front of our investor – a good scientist, a bad scientist, a fraud, or an insane person, the vis-à-vis starts to say the same words: “I’ve got a great drug, it works, we’re almost there, give money fast, the world is going to kneel down in front of us, here are the papers, take a look, there’s no such thing in the world like this”.

4. Even if it’s a good scientist, the drug wouldn’t work anyway, besuase of two reasons: the solution to the problem of aging is much more complex than we assume, and if there had already been something that worked, then everyone would know about it. And the good-natured collegues would have had their patents for a hundred years ahead.

5. Since the lives of the investor and all of mankind are at stake, he begins to fund immediately. It’s a good thing if it’s an insane person who came along – these guys ask for less money. Even a free meal means a lot to them. But they are very harmful when you waste time on them and when they destroy your mind with their schizoid instructions.

6. The very same minute when this whole affair is started, here comes another man with an idea none the worse, maybe even a better one. Since our investor was raised never to put all his eggs in one basket, this new partner gets a blank check.

7. Then something terrible happens – now everyone knows about our investor. He in turn immediately learns about the existence of telomeres, lysosomes, recombinant proteins, peptides, radial glia, mitochondia, pineal gland, Aubrey de Grey and whatnot, and thinks that the world is going crazy.

8. The situation is complicated – a management team is hired, whose competency is close to that of an infusorium. A dreadful fight now takes place to have the investor’s ear.

9. Then comes the brilliant organizational decision: “Let’s gether the best minds together in one place and they will create the strategy to quickly solve the problem!”

10. The best minds are used to getherings, but they are not even capable of agreeing on what exactly they are going to discuss. That’s why everybody speaks about his own unique passion.

11. Our investor is already old hand with his own scientific view. He attends scientific conferences. If he’s an introvert, he believes aging is programmed; if he’s an extravert, then in his opinion, aging is due to the accumulation of damage.

12. An office is leased – an organization is created. A huge mailing campaign is going on. Some serious work is being carried out on formulating the mission of the concern, on creating the booklet and the website. It all goes wrong. Everything fails.

13. Trouble comes in threes. The initial investment also did not perform. No results in two years! All we have on our hands is a product that doesn’t contain any sodium chloride. The scientists anathematize themselves.

14. Things go wrong with business too. It goes just as well as fighting aging.

15. Our investor gets disappointed. He thinks there’s nothing that can be done. He starts to like fishing.

To avoid any rumors I have to say I don’t mean anybody in particular. My story is based on the experience of dozens of people from all over the world, whose stories are like copies of one another.
And here comes the homework! What are the mistakes that our investor has made? How should one act right? And I am going to start thinking about «15 mistakes of a scientist…».


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  1. James Clark

    You have such clear and beautiful ways of wording things.

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