Bubonic plague

bubonic plague, aging, fight aging, arguments against fighting aging, overpoppulation, argue with fate, boring to live, cosmetology, ulcer, cure, plague Almost every time the conversation drifts to fighting aging, the majority of people lose their common sense. Here’s how a typical dialog about aging looks like, but the word “aging” is substituted with “bubonic plague”. This takes place in the city of “N.”

Bubonic plague fighter: There’s a huge problem in our city – we’ve got an epidemic of bubonic plague. If we do nothing, everybody will die in the throes of bubonic plague.

Inhabitant of the city: Let’s take a look at the problem from another point of view: if nobody dies from bubonic plague, our city will be overpopulated.

Bubonic plague fighter: We don’t have a problem with overpopulation right now, but we do have one with bubonic plague. If the people are healthy and sane, they will be able to stop overpopulation from happening – we can domesticate new land, limit child birth, and build really big houses. I’m telling you, we don’t have the problem with overpopulation now, but half of the inhabitants have fever, and they are dying from bubonic plague. We need to spend resources on finding a vaccine.

Inhabitant of the city: People don’t only die from bubonic plague. For example, the butcher was driven over by a cart yesterday, and on Third street a boy died from pneumonia. What do we do about that?

Bubonic plague fighter: But still, the great majority are dying from bubonic plague. Their bodies are covered with ulcers, and their inner organs are affected. This is a major issue. It needs to solved in the first place.

Inhabitant of the city: People have always been dying from bubonic plague. Millions of people died from it in our town and in other cities. This is natural. You shouldn’t argue with your fate.

Bubonic plague fighter: Then why do we try to conquer other diseases, but not the bubonic plague? If there were a vaccine, people would not refuse it! People have always tried to do what’s best for them. Now that’s natural.

Inhabitant of the city
: But bubonic plague cannot be defined as a disease, because nobody is trying to overcome it, and there’s no cure for it. This is what nature gave us. It cannot be cured.

Bubonic plague fighter
: Scientists have some positive results, but they haven’t got enough money to enlarge the scope of research. More labs need to be built.

Inhabitant of the city: Isn’t it going to be that only the wealthy people would be able to afford the drug?

Bubonic plague fighter
: Let’s first create the drug and then think how we can make it affordable for everybody. By the way, look, you have some kind of a strange ulcer yourself.

Inhabitant of the city
: Now all the people that live in our city are extremely active, because they know they will soon die from bubonic plague. We are very successful at different crafts; we built a theater; we have big plans for organizing a sports championship. The progress would stop if there had been no bubonic plague. We wouldn’t need to rush – it would be boring to live.

Bubonic plague fighter
: If you are covered with ulcers and spit blood all the time, you’ll be bored to live for sure. When a person is healthy, it’s obviously much more interesting and joyful for him to live.

Inhabitant of the city: You’re saying this because you’re afraid of bubonic plague yourself. And I’m not!

Bubonic plague fighter: It takes a lot of courage to try to solve the problem, but not to say there is none.

Inhabitant of the city: But what can I do? Nothing depends on me.

Bubonic plague fighter: You can persuade other people, and you can show a good example – give your own money to the scientists. The mayor needs to be persuaded. You have to act, do something. But you must want to act in the first place.

Inhabitant of the city
: I killed a couple of rats in my house and I don’t eat meat. I’ve always been telling other people that rodents have to be destroyed because they spread infection.

Bubonic plague fighter
: It’s not enough. We can chase rodents until the end of time, however a vaccine has to be developed in the first place.

Inhabitant of the city
: There are frauds who sell cure from bubonic plague. One can also use make up for the ulcers, so they won’t be seen.

Bubonic plague fighter
: The fact that there are swindlers and cosmetology does not cancel the need to fight bubonic plague. Are you ready to make the effort to do it?

Inhabitant of the city
: You are doing such a great job. But I can’t deal with fighting the bubonic plague. I have lots of my personal problems. I must build a house for me and my kids to live in.

Bubonic plague fighter
: I won’t be able to fight bubonic plague on my own. Everyone has their own goals, problems and tasks, but bubonic plague is going to knock on everybody’s door and everybody is going to rot alive. The problem will not be solved until we unite.


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2 responses to “Bubonic plague

  1. очень хорошо, excellent!

    • Thanks a lot, Theodorus. I believe it is highly important to show people that the arguments they may have against life extension are sometimes quite rediculous. And this is a good way to illustrate it.

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