Why radical life extension is possible

life extension, radical life extension, argument, argument for, possibility1. There are no physical laws prohibiting radical life extension
2. The lifespan of model animals has been successfully increased in many labs
3. There are animals with negligible senescence
4. Scientists are able to grow human tissues and organs
5. Scientists are able to create artificial human organs
6. The human lifespan is constantly increasing due to implementation of emerging technologies
7. Many scientists in the world who study the fundamental mechanisms of aging state that human life can be radically extended
8. Arguments against the possibility of life extension resolve themseives solely to the inexpediency of human life extension
9. A lot that was considered science fiction in the past has now been achieved by mankind. Cloning and the rudiments of artificial intelligence are today’s reality.
10. Striving towards self-preservation is the main feature of living matter. Life extension is, to a large extent, an evolutionary task for our consciousness.

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