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Transhumanism is a philosophical movement which implies that the goal of every person is the development of scientific and technological progress dedicated to increasing the viability of a person, radical life extension, and providing unlimited broadening of the individual’s potential.

Transhumanism is a concentrated expression of common sense.
Everyone has got their own values – family, kids, art, love, beauty, freedom, money, traveling, sex, power… But they all make sense only if the person is alive. The basic condition for existence and implementation of all these values is life. The most sensible strategy for every one of us is radical life extension through rational, scientifically provable methods.

Transhumanism is striving towards the ultimate justice and happiness.
There is nothing more unfair than death. Death, senility and disease make a person miserable. The fight against disease and suffering, and for the radical extension of human life, is the fight for justice and happiness for every person.

Transhumanism is a natural expression of the human entity.
The essence of evolution is in development, and a human being represents this at its greatest. It’s in their nature to strive towards broadening their potential, expansion and increasing the scope of their personality.

Transhumanism is an acceleration factor of human evolution.
Life, in the first place, is a form of organization of matter aimed at self-preservation. Life is an anti-entropic process. A person is allotted the ability to self-improve. They can gain new knowledge and skills, and improve them upon using their own body. Human evolution is not only happening in the biological plane, but also in the scientific, technological, and social ones. This refers to the evolution of personality in the first place.

Transhumanism is the resultant vector of progress.
This history of mankind is a history of growing potential and increasing  longevity. Everything that makes our lives better, more comfortable, replete and longer is a result of this progress. Still, there are risks and dangers associated with the development of science and technology. They represent the forces of regress and entropy. These phenomena should be considered as the unsolved problems of progress. Transhumanism actualizes the goal of accelerating scientific and technological progress in the interests of every person.

Transhumanism is striving towards the preservation of civilization.
One of the problems facing mankind is global risks, events possibly leading to death of civilization. It is necessary to calculate these risks and withstand the implementation of the negative scenarios. Transhumanism sets the goal of indestructibility of mankind.

Transhumanism is a clear understanding of the unconditional hierarchy of goals.
Given limited financial and intellectual resources, it is essential to distinguish the more important tasks and focus on their implementation. Certainly, the most crucial goal is radical life extension. Flying to Mars, for example, is important for progress, but is less urgent at the moment, because people are dying from senility and diseases.
The fundamental research in the area of life extension should be number 1 on the rating list of the goals of civilization.

Transhumanism is the coordinator of scientific research.
The prospective directions for developing scientific methods and technologies for radical life extension are: regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, preventive medicine, neuroscience and studying the influence of high nervous activity on the processes of aging, neuromodeling, studying the biomarkers of aging, genetic and epigenetic regulation, research into cell differentiation and cellular patterns of aging, cell and hormonal therapy, the Physiome Project, tissue engineering and creation of artificial organs, development of the methods of studying molecular biological processes, development of the methods of cryopreservation of large biological objects, mathematical modeling of aging, creation of artificial intelligence, evolutionary biology of aging, studying the synthetic and fractal theories of aging, and also the theory of consciousness, development of futurology, and studying the Technological Singularityphenomenon. Transhumanism is actively supporting and advocating for the development of these fields.

Transhumanism is an active life position.
Given the limited time frame of a person’s life, it is shortsighted to passively wait for the achievements of progress. It is necessary to do everything possible to extend one’s own life – to use disease prophylaxis methods, lead a healthy lifestyle, increase one’s own scientific competency, actively promote scientific research relevant to the goals of transhumanism, advocate for its ideas, and support cryonics as the means of future recovery of life activities for dead people.

Transhumanism is striving towards broadening the human potential.
The following is vital for a person: enhancement of the intellect, spirit, and will, singleness of purpose, achievement of the freedom of a personality from biological vessels, and an increase in the level of the development of space and energy. The goal of transhumanism is for every person to have these possibilities and to be able to use them to the fullest extent.

Transhumanism is the expression of tolerance.
If someone doesn’t  want to live longer, they can refuse to use the achievements of this progress, like the 200,000 Amish (Christian Mennonites), who decided to freeze their technology at the level of the 19th century. Authority in a future society will be necessary only for the purposes of preventing of the global risks and providing to every person the possibility of living for as long as they wish for; the rest of the issues should be regulated at the level of professional communities.


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