Emergency Response Service Launched to help Improve Revival Chances for Cryonicists – EUCRIO

EUCRIO (European Union Cryonics Rapid Intervention Organization) with a head office in Braga, Portugal has officially launched today, on the 1st of October 2010, and will start providing their services on the 1st of November 2010.

Thanks to recent advances in the Vitrification Process, cryonics members now have better chances of being revived by future technologies. With good vitrification in place, the quality of human cryopreservation now depends on the speed and quality of the stabilization procedures and body transport. To address this need, EUCRIO was formed to provide state-of-the-art cryonics emergency standby, stabilization, and transport services throughout Europe. EUCRIO itself does not provide cryogenic ‘storage’ of any kind however their service does include secure transportation to cryonic storage facilities.

Pricing on the web site isn’t specific but for a membership fee of €35/month, and then an extra fee per service (which will runs into the tens of thousands of Euros), EUCRIO supplies its members with a dedicated response team that includes physicians, perfusionists, medical technicians, engineers and scientists throughout the European Union. This team is responsible for giving the patient stabilization medications, cooling down, and providing vitrification solutions before further cooling to dry ice temperatures. The company then handles air-transport to the appropriate cryonics organization for long-term preservation using liquid nitrogen. When responding to questions about pricing, a company representative writes: “Every cost has been made as affordable as possible, and even so, most people will need to take out life insurance for it. The costs are comparable to those of Suspended Animation Inc who have been providing the same services (apart from vitrification) in the US for some years.”

The EUCRIO web site currently states it has its experts “ready to respond to clients in the European Union 24 hours a day, 7 days per week” however recent postings on the company Facebook page says that: “Eucrio is operating on a “skeleton crew”, but will be up to a full compliment (of at least two people per team position per country) before they commence full operations on November the 1st.”

Most of the board members of EUCRIO are or were closely tied to Alcor, one of the world’s leading cryonics organizations. These are the key players; David Styles, Nuno Martins, Rui Freitas and Andre Dias, 3 of which have served on the board of directors for Alcor Portugal, which is a group of individuals working to improve cryonics in Portugal for members of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation located in the US.

David Styles is the voice for EUCRIO and is also the organizer of the UK-based voluntary mutual assistance organization for cryonics emergency standby, stabilization, and transport services. In this position, he has labored successfully over the past 18 months to strengthen capabilities in the UK and on the continent, and has lately been heavily involved in launching the EUCRIO project this October.

Online opinions about this new service are mixed. Some post that they are excited and ready to join, others are cautious and want to know more about the ‘medical professionals’ that the company highlights on their web site and are wondering why that information has not been published / is being kept from them.

I have to say one thing – Well done! I totally support this effort. Of course, only time will tell if EUCRIO can actually provide the top medical expertise, stabilization and transport security that they promise to supply. But I’m sure by living up to member expectations, they’ll succeed at improving human cryopreservation and safeguarding lives.

The more cryonics initiatives there are, the better!

Read more about EUCRIO and human cryopreservation


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4 responses to “Emergency Response Service Launched to help Improve Revival Chances for Cryonicists – EUCRIO

  1. alexey turchin

    Did they do already any criopreservation?

  2. Bob


    I’m sure you mean well. However, some of your information may be misleading.

    “EUCRIO itself does not provide cryogenic ‘storage’ of any kind however their service does include secure transportation to 1 of the 3 top cryogenics storage facilities: Alcor…”

    To my knowledge, Alcor currently has no contracts or agreements with this company, has not issued any public statements or support, and cannot vouch for the quality of their services. Further, there could be some serious contractual conflicts with Alcor members signing up with this company. Also, the way Alcor Portugal is portrayed should be seen as in name only.

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