Lengthened Telomeres Restore Immune System to a Younger State

A new study published in the Rejuvenation Research Journal shows that TA-65, a natural Telomerase Activator made and marketed by Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (“T.A. Sciences“), reduces the percentage of short telomeres in immune cells and restores and remodels the aging human immune system to be more like that of a younger individual.

The year-long study of the first 100 clients of T.A. Sciences found that TA-65, a nutritional supplement marketed only through specialized doctors, had been successful in lengthening shortened telomeres.  Telomeres are sequences of DNA, located at the ends of all chromosomes, which serve as cellular clocks of aging. Every time a cell divides, telomeres shorten until they become critically short, and the cell either stops functioning properly or dies. By activating a gene that is normally turned off, TA-65 has been shown to activate the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase has the unique ability to restore telomere length and is so important that its discovery won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009.

In addition to TA-65’s telomerase activating properties, the study observed a statistically significant decline in senescent cytotoxic (CD8+/CD28-) T cells. This resulted in the human subjects’ immune systems being restored to a more youthful state. A rejuvenated immune system holds great potential to help subjects whose immune systems have been weakened by a lifetime of various stresses and age related decline.

“Telomere science is relatively new and scientists are now beginning to understand the pervasive role telomeres play in the aging process and how much harm short telomeres cause,” said Noel Thomas Patton, Founder of T.A. Sciences. “Many studies have established that short telomeres are associated with the decline of the immune system and other major organ systems. Such effects of age-related decline are severe and the benefits of telomere rejuvenation can be profound. Rejuvenating shortened telomeres will change the nature of what healthy aging means.”

In addition to taking TA-65, which is a natural product derived from the Chinese herb Astragalus, subjects were given a comprehensive dietary supplement pack, and physician counseling. The study was led by Calvin Harley, Ph.D, and co-authored by Dr. Weimin Liu, Dr. Maria Blasco, Dr. Elsa Vera, Dr. William Andrews, Dr. Laura Briggs, and Dr. Joseph Raffaele.  Several hundred clients of T.A. Sciences have now received TA-65 without any reports of serious adverse events.

Read the full version of the study in the September 8th issue of Rejuvenation Research

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    Since the emperor Shen Nong tasted 100 herbs and taught the Chinese peoplehow to use them in diet and therapy, herbal medicine has been an integral partof Chinese culture and medical practice. Descriptions of herbal therapy occurin the earliest texts that discuss Chinese medical practice. The traditionalChinese materia medica includes minerals and animal parts as well asherbs. Later materia medicae represented expanded inquiries into therange of pharmacologically active substances available to the Chinese.*

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