Poll – How Many Years do You Want to Live?



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7 responses to “Poll – How Many Years do You Want to Live?

  1. connie

    70 is not old! I have all ready exceeded that by seven years and still going strong. But I do not want to live tobe 100 as I donot want to be a burden to my four daughters and have no wish to reverse the changing diaper roles thank you very much. so if God is willing he will take me when Ihave finished what I was sent to do and beforeI become a burden to anyone.

    • Pete

      @connie What if we can soon stop aging and then soon after reverse the aging process, keeping all your memories and personality, only a younger body. What would you say to that?

  2. It will be interesting to see where this poll and its discussion lead. I just posted it on my blog at http://www.blogginglifeextension.com/?p=3499 Personally I voted for 120 years with the option of reconsidering along the way. I’m already over 70 and in excellent health. Why would I want to dead already? Life’s getting more interesting with each passing day!

    • Thank you, Frank! I totally agree with you on life getting more exciting every day. But what if you live up to 120 and still be in good health? Would you want to die then, because the cronological age has reached its ‘limit’? My point is that technological and medical progress may provide the opportunity to maintain and even improve health. So, maybe the situation would not differ so much from the current moment. And I hope that will be the case.

  3. I’d choose to live as long as I can with my health and ability intact to engage and enjoy life! I’ve always felt the same as George Burns who, when asked, “Who would want to live to 100?”, purportedly replied, “Ask the guy who’s 99!”

  4. Chris

    I would rather live to around 40, and then terminate my own life as my body starts to degrade, after having kept up intense weightlifting and acrobatics up to that age.

    • May I ask how old are you now?
      What’s the point in suicide? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you want to give up life when it is still good, let alone the perspective of future biomedical advances?

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