World’s first cellular therapy oral supplement showcased at ICAAM 2010 in Dubai

I know what you’re thinking – not one of those posts about anti-aging supplements! But wait a second….. and please read further. You’ll see that this supplement is actually a form of cellular therapy.

This weekend, a medical company that specializes in cell therapy is going to introduce a range of anti-aging treatments to Middle Eastern markets in the form of oral supplements.

To remind you, Cell therapy is a natural treatment that involves implantation of cells into the human body where the implanted cells stimulate growth and function of existing tissue. In essence, these cells awaken dormant cells and repair older or damaged cells. Cell therapy, which has been discussed frequently on my blog, has been researched for over 80 years and has undergone millions of clinical applications.

The therapy utilizes the natural healing power of living organisms and aims to delay aging, combat chronic and degenerative diseases and ultimately prolong life.

Lab Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc., is the company that is making this therapy available and they are branding their oral supplement under the name and tag line: PE Softgels Advanced Formula, “The World’s First Cellular Therapy Oral Supplement”.

Lab Dom invented the cellular therapy oral supplement product by using hi-tech softgel capsules that are able to preserve the complete bioactivity of the DNA cell extracts. Other benefits are that the exact dosage of the cell preparations can be accurately measured and the sterility controlled.

According to Mike Chan, CEO of Lab Dom – Asia Pacific Regional Hub: “We had such overwhelming success in the Aesthetic Asia Exhibition that took place earlier this year in Singapore, prompting us to exhibit further in ICAAM 2010 in Dubai.”

Experts from Lab Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc. will be at the 3rd International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa Middle East (ICAAM), which will be held in Dubai this weekend to show their product line. They will also be providing live samples as well as audio and video interviews with real patients who have used the products.

Read more about this oral supplement and how cell therapy works at the Lab Dom web site


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