Poll – What area of life extension do you think offers the best perspective?



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14 responses to “Poll – What area of life extension do you think offers the best perspective?

  1. Enki

    Choices are not mutually exclusive. In particular Uploading might require suspension of the brain first, making for a tight relation between ASIM and Cryonics

  2. On the assumption that it actually means which area offers the best prospects (hope for success), I voted for mind uploading. Even if aging is defeated entirely, biological systems will still be vulnerable to accidents or violence. Only when we have transferred our consciousness to machine-based substrates which can be run on widely-distributed physical systems, regularly backed up, and otherwise supported by the methods we use to protect existing computer systems, will we be truly immortal.

  3. Agree with Infidel753, mind uploading is the real answer. But as Enki says, choices are not incompatible, and we can use cryo to transport ourselves to a future where mind uploading is an operational reality.

  4. Eyes … upon me …
    Watching me in my perpetual sleep //
    The wretched dream is realized
    The human race is to be crystallized

  5. Vovix

    No deathist has visited this page yet:)

  6. atp

    minduploading is of course the ultimate goal.
    but first of all we need something which let us win time.
    in my opinion cryonics or brain preservation should be the easiest method to win much time.

    aging is so complicated with many causes, that i do not think the longevity escape velocitiy will occur within 100 years.
    cryonics is a very well defined single problem, which should be solved within decades.
    first we have to rescue ourselves. later we can think about regenerative medicine. thus cryonics is the way we should give the most effort now.

  7. marjoriekayenbl

    I’m looking at what holds the most promise for today and I think regenerative medication might buy time for those who wish to extend life while other options become more possible.

    • I agree, I think regenerative medicine may be the best short-term option for those who look into the long-term life extension and are not terminally ill at the moment, in which case cryonics is the ‘life savior’.

    • Cryonics is the only way for radical life extension which could work already today.

      All we need ist to safe enough biochemical information until the time, where nanoscopic analyzing and manipulation of objects as the complete human body is possible.

      Note that this goal is a very small subset of the ultimate goal of regenerative medicine which tries to safe this information with the additional constraint that the human remains alive during that time.

      So cryonics is the most simple and promising way to obtain real radical life extension today.

      See also:

  8. marjoriekayenbl

    This link is to a news story about a study in Equador where people with a rare form of dwarfism don’t get cancer or develop diabetes in an area with a high incidence of cancer in the general population. It’s allowing scientists to take a leap forward in finding medicine to protect us all.

  9. Henry

    I have begun to delve deeper and deeper into the different strategies surrounding the debate, and I can’t help but feel that ASIM is the least likely of all with our current technology. For those who choose it, what promise do you see in ASIM?

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