Humanity+ Conference Caltech December 4th-5th

There’s a very important conference going on this weekend in the USA. If you’re in California, please try to attend the Humanity+ @ Caltech: Redefining Humanity in the Era of Radical Technological Change on December 4-5th at the Beckman Institute at Caltech Los Angeles, California.

If you’re not familiar with Humanity+, they are a nonprofit dedicated to the ethical use of technologies to extend human capabilities. Some of the technology community’s leading scientists and engineers will be speaking at this conference to explain what their technologies are, what they can do, what effects they might have on us, and what the risks might be.

Here are some of the highlights:

•AI expert and professor Ben Goertzel believes that, with a focused research effort, AIs could be smarter than humans by 2020. Ben will discuss how we can get there from here, and what the architecture of such an AI would look like.

•Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, CSO of the SENS Foundation, dedicated to researching ways to end aging. With biotechnologies already in development, we could slow, stop or even reverse the damage associated with old age, helping to prevent age-related diseases such as stroke, heart attacks, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

•Seasteading Institute president Patri Friedman will discuss how we can use present-day technology to “lifehack”, or find tricks that will make us healthier, happier and smarter.

•Roboticist David Hanson is looking at ways to make robots increasingly humanlike. Eventually, with enough technological progress, robots will be indistinguishable from flesh-and-blood humans.

If you cannot make the conference but wanted to attend, you’ll be happy to know that Humanity+ is planning to stream live video and sound of all conference sessions. This will be broadcast live and is free and open to the public, airing at aound 8 AM PST to around 6:30 PM PST Saturday and Sunday, with breaks for lunch. Click here to access the live stream.

If you prefer, you can check out the conference Facebook page please invite your friends to the conference.


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