President of Kazakhstan urges scientists to unlock the secret to immortality

70-year-old Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev appears to have a keen interest in radical life extension and longevity research. Nazarbaev has repeatedly used his post as president to call for renewed research into medical immortality. Recently in a speech to students marking the opening of Nazarbaev University in Astana, Nazarbaev spoke of the need for research on topics such as: “rejuvenation of the organism…the human genome…production of human tissue…the creation of gene-based medicines.”

Earlier this year, Nazarbaev was granted powers that will, in effect, allow him to serve as Kazakhstan’s president for life, whether formally in office or not. Two months ago, Roman Kim, a Kazakhstani of Korean descent and a delegate to Kazakhstan’s People’s Assembly, proposed that Nazarbaev should stay in power until at least 2020.

“As for the medicine of the future, people of my age are really hoping all of this will happen as soon as possible,” Nazarbaev said.

It seems like aging is something the ruler has been worried about for a while. In October of 2009 he was quoted as saying:

“One important subject is anti-aging, or the study of prolongation of life,” he told an audience at the Kazakh national university in Almaty. “However difficult such investigations are, these questions must be resolved sooner or later. Why shouldn’t our scientists take on this task? Would it not inspire our Kazakh youth who are now living through the great moments of passion?”

Also in 2009 at a government science committee meeting he said: “Anti-aging medicine, natural rejuvenation, immortality, that’s what people are studying these days. Those who do are the most successful states in the world – those who don’t will get left on the sidelines.”

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