Hormesis: How Harmful Can Be Beneficial

Hormesis is the stimulating effect of moderate stress – low doses of toxins, temperature, radiation and other stressors that are toxic in larger doses. Moderate stresses are known to slow down the processes associated with aging and to increase life span. The author is Professor Alexey Moskalev.

Download the Hormesis chart in pdf



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2 responses to “Hormesis: How Harmful Can Be Beneficial

  1. Ross

    Lovely. Thanks. Clearest I’ve seen.

    Aside from correcting typo on bottom of the chart (“exogenous”), I would only add one thing: find a way to distinguish between the flowcharts for low, moderate (i.e. hormetic), and high (i.e. damaging) responses.

  2. Thanks, Ross, typo corrected. This whole chart is about the moderate stress. Each of the listed stressors can be both persistent and intensive (i.e. harmful) and mild (hoemetic). So this is all about hormetic stresses.

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