Proof on the existence of Santa Claus

1. Santa Claus exists, because ‘so it is written in the Book’.
2. Those who don’t believe that Santa Claus exists actually do believe in the inexistence of Santa Claus. So these people are the same believers, but they don’t have any proof of the absence of Santa Claus.
3. Millions of parents all over the world can’t lie to their kids making them believe in Santa Claus.
4. Santa Claus is gracious, therefore not only the kids from wealthy families get good presents.
5. Santa Claus is just, therefore many children in Africa, Asia and Russia who suffer from hunger, sickness and sure death, have HOPE. All they need is to believe in Santa Claus.
6. Accusations against the retail industry for promoting Santa Claus are groundless, because the stores have Christmas sales to help children, exactly as Santa Claus is teaching.
7. Santa Claus created Christmas holidays and we have to be grateful for that.
8. Any uneducated man can state that it’s impossible to create the complicated production of Christmas presents without the miracles of Santa Claus.
9. Followers of Santa Claus and followers of Father Frost often killed, are killing and will be killing each other, but Santa Claus is innocent. It’s just that it’s wrong to believe in Father Frost, this offends Santa Claus. It is righteous to believe in Santa Claus and give away life for him.
11. It happens so that the followers of Santa Claus – men, who put on the sacred costume of Santa Claus, rape children. It is obvious that it’s not Santa Claus’s fault, because it’s the people who are doing that. Moreover, these men used to be children themselves. Therefore, it’s the children’s fault.
12. Santa Claus justifies death by his own existence, because there are Christmas presents, so there’s no need to worry about anything else.


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4 responses to “Proof on the existence of Santa Claus

  1. Rachel

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. What does Santa Claus have to do with life extension? I enjoy your articles about anti-aging research and the latest news in the fields of neuroscience and longevity, but this nonsensical rant on Santa Claus just doesn’t belong here, and it’s a bit disturbing, to be honest. In the future, please only post articles that are relevant to your area of expertise.

    • Sure it belongs here. Maybe you just didn’t understand what I was trying to say by this article. The idea of life extension gets a lot of negative responses from religious people. One of the goals of the blog is to illustrate why life extension is needed and why it is the most reasonable thing to do, so I used this metaphor to show how irrational it is to believe in god or any other ‘greater power’.

  2. Great post! Made me laugh. I noticed you missed point 10?

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