I wish. I wish I. I wish you.

These pictures were taken at the New Year’s party in St Petersburg, where I went to see my parents and friends.

They always toast: “May you be very happy and healthy in the New Year.” Well, if no disasters happen, I know that in 2011 I will be pretty much as healthy as I was in 2010. Unfortunately, “pretty much as” is very different to “exactly as”.

My New Year’s wish was that scientists would figure out the way for us to remain exactly as healthy as we were some time ago in the past or even healthier than that. If all the existing stress resistance machinery keeps working at its best, people would either age much slower, or stop aging at all. Of course, I know that achievements like that are not a matter of just one year, but I wish I could see some progress towards such scientific breakthroughs including increasead research funding and general public awareness in 2011. I will dedicate my next year to making it happen and I would love to have some good company along the way. Jump on board.



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2 responses to “I wish. I wish I. I wish you.

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  2. Vovix

    Happy New Year! I wish you that the only difference between these pics and those taken e.g. in 2041 was the number of megapixels:)

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