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Ecuadorian Dwarfs are Resistant to Cancer and Diabetes, but don’t Live Longer. Why is That?

Dr. Jaime Guevara has been studying the Laron Dwarfs for 25 years, for the last decade he has been collaborating with Dr. Valter Longo, a well-known researcher on aging at the University of Southern California. This week the two men released the findings of the research in the Science Translational Medicine Journal.

Laron Dwarfs carry mutations in the growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene that lead to severe GHR and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor–1) deficiencies. These mutations offer them protection from cancer and diabetes. A 22 year study of the Larons has confirmed that none has ever had diabetes and only one had cancer and that cancer was not lethal. In contrast, the study looked at 1,600 normal-height relatives who live in the same towns and found that despite similar lifestyles 5 percent got diabetes and 17 percent got cancer.

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