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David Gems Argues for Radical Life Extension

I’d like to share a truely great article by David Gems, Assistant Director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing, UCL. In this paper Professor Gems proves that aging is a diseases and encourages researchers and agencies like FDA to view it as a disease. If this happens there will be demand on therapies that decellerate aging and there will be much less anti-aging fraud, because we’ll have strict regulations for anti-aging drugs.  In this article David Gems describes the possible ways to tacle the problem of aging and explains why he thinks that the best way to persue the problem is to try to decelerate aging. In my opinion, one shouldn’t neglect the possibility to arrest aging in general, but I totally agree with Professor Gems that we have to intervene in the fundamental mechanisms of aging, and not just separate diseases, because only this approach will yield in therapies capable of significantly extending our life span and reducing disease risks.

The article represents a wonderful example of how the ethical questions related to aging research and life extension should be answered.

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