TEDsters Maybe Ready for Life Extension

In this great talk Harvey Fineberg, medical ethicist, asks the audience what would they choose to enchance if there was a possibility. Out of memory, fitness, longevity and creativity the majority chose living longer. I think it’s a very good indication that among the most progressive people there’s an emerging trend of extended longevity. The whole talk was about evolution and what would the next step for us be. I think intelligence serves as the new evolutionary factor as it gives us the opportnity to adapt at best to the environment. The only question is when we will be able to live much longer than we do now? Are we going to make it? I’d love to. What about you?



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3 responses to “TEDsters Maybe Ready for Life Extension

  1. Yea! I’m in. Although majority chose longevity, don’t you think opting for intelligence enhancement instead, serves that previous purpose. Think of Intelligence as a super-class and longevity as it’s sub-class and by inheriting the former we will automatically inherit the latter. What do you say?

  2. This may well be the case. It is possible that AI will help us solve the problem of aging. Maybe we’ll be able to significantly extend life using prostetic organs, or maybe it’ll be mind uploading that will get us to the beautiful future. We don’t know that just yet, but we certainly can’t miss any possibility.

  3. In order to answer the question WHEN we will be able to live much longer than now we have to answer the question HOW to do this.

    I think, the approaches to repair the body at cellular level or to change genes will be very limited. It will fail for radical life extensions because of economical reasons. The architecture of the biological body of humans is already very optimized to live as long as possible. It won’t be econimical to do it very better as it is not economical to create flying elephants.

    Do we have an approach from which it is justified to claim that if this approach is made, then a human can live 150 years and beyond?
    Only approaches which allow to make such predictions are good ones!!

    So I propose the following approaches:
    Let us try to create body clones which grow without brains. After 20 years, transplant the old brain in the brainless body clone. If we can do this, we can be SURE that a human can live 150 years and beyond. This approach would solve millions of cellular aging problems at once.

    Another (even better) approach which is theoratically without doubt to extend life is minduploading and whole brain emulation.

    So the answer to your question, when we are able to live much longer than now:
    When we are able to do brain transplantations into brainless young body clones or when we are able to do minduploading and whole brain emulation.

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