The First Political Meeting on Immortality in History

It says: “150 years of life for everyone.” This is one of the posters shown at the meeting on immortality that took place on Saturday, September 24 in the very center of Moscow, right across the street from the famous Bolshoy Theater. It was such a great gathering. I loved the atmosphere. Approximately 100 people came to support immortality, creating new technologies, regenerative medicine, genomic research and everything related to fighting aging and radical life extension. Here are some pictures from this superb meeting that left me with a warm feeling and positive impression.

The meeting was organized by Danila Medvedev, Valeria Pride, Mikhail Batin and others from the Russian Transhumanist Movement.

We are against death!

Mikhail Batin looks a bit grumpy, but he was just caught in the moment, we all loved the event.

We are for immortality!


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