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TEDx Silicon Alley – Creative Use of Technology

This should be very interesting. The TEDx Silicon Alley conference will take place in New York on October, 27th. The overarching theme of the event is Creativity and Technology. Speakers are being asked to prepare talks that show the creative use of technology — beyond its originally intended application — with unexpected or unintended outcomes that are either good, or bad, or possibly unknown. The great news is that it is going to be streamed online, so if you don’t have a chance to be there, you can watch the talks online and learn about some very exciting technological applications.



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NFkB Links Cancer and Aging

I found it quite interesting that mutations in multiple myeloma are located in the genes involved in NFkB pathway. This chain of events in the cell activates as a response to various kinds of stress, such as cytokines, free radicals, ultraviolet irradiation and other stressors. NFkB is a transcription factor which is responsible for activating genes linked to increased inflammation. Multiple myeloma genome sequencing revealed that this molecular pathway is altered. So apparently there’s a link between the aberrant activity of NFkB and cancer, and I would like to point out that there’s probably a link to aging as well. It is most likely that inhibition of this pathway may lead to cancer incidence reduction and also anti-aging effects. It has already been shown that pharmacological blocking of NFkB pathway prolongs lifespan in drosophila. Read the paper by Dr.Alexey Moskalev who’s done this experiment.


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