Bad Cinema

Imagine the following movie plot: A lot of characters. They fall in love, get married, sometimes get divorsed. They dream about something, and they seek something in life. Some of them achieve what they want, others don’t. And after that they all become very sick. They start to loose the ability to see, hear and walk. Some of them start to rot alive, spit blood. The majority is in terrible pain, they suffer and they are lonely. And then they all die.

Here’s another movie. Some people want the future to be the way they want it to be and do a lot to make it happen. Other men and women see their future in a completely different way and conflict with the former. The rest don’t even think about what’s ahead of them. But it’s pain, suffering and death that’s ahead of all of these people, regardless of what they have been planning for themselves.

Oh, and here’s another movie. The characters live for their children. They take care of the kids, parent them, nurture them, love them so much. Then they all die, the kids die too, a lot of them die in the throes.

Millions if movies. Different plots, events, circumstances. Different characters, habits, ideals, goals, meanings. Different people. But the end is the same. Death of everyone.

Not the best cinema, right? I wouldn’t go. Although it’s not a movie. It’s our life. This is the destiny of every person who lived on our planet: pain, suffering and death. There were some who died with no pain, but this doesn’t change their sorrowful fate. There were some who wanted to die. Because of their pain and senile dementia. But it’s not what these people wanted when they were only starting to live.

It’s aging that kills people. Also it’s stupidity and greed that kill people. It exactly the stupidity and greed that prevents people from doing much to survive. The society spends an abysmal amount of effort on life extension. Minimal interest and microscopic funding goes to studying of fundamental mechanisms of aging. Resources are being spent on any galimatias, but not on longevity. Years go by, and people become dung. Because of their own stupidity and imbecility of others.

Almost everyone who comes to somebody’s funeral should keep saying: «We are the sick people, we killed you by our passivity. Moreover, we keep on bringing death further on. The thought to identify the underlying reasons of death and to try to eliminate them doesn’t even steel into our empty minds. It’s actually just money and pleasure what matters to us. Indulging into that we seek our own death.»

When people become better, they will be immortal. Isn’t it about time?


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4 responses to “Bad Cinema

  1. It is weird that people view death and inevitable and even (in most cases) something to look forward to. I approached many people about the CRdiet, where in return for strict dietary and calorie restrictions you significantly extend your life (and health). Universally I am told that death is natural and am questioned why I want to postpone death (apparently they either aren’t worrying about the future, or they find life to be a burden).

    Again, weird. I am the first generation of trans-humanists. Not because I fear death – but because of all the things I can accomplish with an extended lifetime.

  2. Death was always around throughout history. It’s just that it has always been the case that people died, that’s what contributes to this belief. However, this is not necessarily true any more. I strongly believe people will be immortal some day due to technological advances. The only question is if we will make it or not. That’s why we need to act right now.

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