Life Extension Initiative in Kazakhstan

People in Kazakhstan really decided to fight aging. Nazarbayev University, life extension, biomarkers of aging, personalized genomics, regenerative medicine, conference on gerontology. Kazakhstan is the only country in the world where life extension can become a government policy. Kazakhstan is the only country in the world where fighting aging is on the agenda. Let’s support their initiative and try to understand how it became real.





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7 responses to “Life Extension Initiative in Kazakhstan

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  2. I share your enthusiasm for this initiative and I hope others, particularly in the U.S. will give it the positive attention it deserves.

  3. Mitchell Porter

    “Let’s support their initiative and try to understand how it became real.”

    Someone from Kazakhstan said: “It’s easy to become real…, if The King wants to live longer.” Countries vary in how centralized their power is, and I think it’s pretty centralized in Kazakhstan. There have been many cases in history of kings, emperors… wanting to live longer. Now they really have a chance to do so.

    Maria, aren’t Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan forming a political union in 2015? Your colleagues in Russia should look into any research collaboration frameworks that are developed for the new union.

    • Yes, the power in Kazakhstan is pretty centralized. It is great that the leader has the goal to live forever. And you are right, Mitchell, now there actually is a chance to do so. However, I’d like this initiative to be taken as an example in other countries with maybe less centralized power like the US, for example. This is challenging, but not impossible.
      As for the union, yes, they will form an economic union, but it would hardly mean anything in terms of scientific research and common policies. At least I doubt it.
      Government leaders react to what the public wants. If we are active in the internet and explicitly state that the public wants to live longer, the governments will react even without the king wanting it in the first place.

  4. Apashka

    So what !!! Why not ? I like the idea, may be that will support to extend life of my 85 year old mother. The idea is far from being new, in the Soviet Union in Kiev, Ukrain there was such a research institution.
    Go ahead !!!

    • There still is one – Gerontology Research Institute in Kiev. And there are several good scientists there. The only problem is the lack of funding. Of course it’s a universal problem, but actually the amount of money spent on aging research in the us is still much larger, than in the Ukrain. One of my goals is to change the situation.

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