Fighting Aging is the Most Important Goal



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6 responses to “Fighting Aging is the Most Important Goal

  1. theAntiELVIS

    Maybe first we should cure diseases that cut life short before people can age. And perhaps we should do something about the quality of life for that vast number of people who are poor, enslaved, and hungry.

    Then we can get around to keeping you from getting wrinkles.

    • Mitchell Porter

      She said cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, not wrinkles.

    • We will help much more people by stopping aging than by feeding the poor. Of course, poverty and hunger are great challenges that need to be solved, however if we provide the food to the hungry, those people will still suffer and die from aging. Aging is non-selective, it doesn’t care where you are from or how much money you have. It’s going to get you. I am talking about creating new biomedical technologies that would make us not loose our health and cognitive abilities over time. I am talking about saving billions of lives.

  2. Ceorl

    Maria, Thank you for saying this, and for your continued work in this cause. I am sure you are even more aware than me of the strange resistance that so many people have to a goal of which they are all stakeholders. Several years ago I by chance had a life-changing lunch with a colleague of yours, Aubrey De Grey. At one point he asked what I would think of being able to live 500 years or more. My reaction was I thought the obvious only sensible one “Of course! Fantastic! Could we really?”. He told me though that the most common reactions were negative, citing things like other pressing needs, political or social challenges it would raise, and most shockingly the economic problem of all those people not dying on time. Of course, every advance brings challenges. As the world changes, and as we change it, we must change ourselves and our ways as well. I do believe that faced with a real prospect of extended quality life, we would readily find solutions for those trivial challenges. Thank you again and carry on.

  3. Thank you so much, Ceorl! Indeed, you are one those few people who can understand all the amazing opportunities longer life can bring. I agree, the humanity will deal with the arising challenges, especially noting that those ones will most likely be social problems, but not complex biological problems, that are way harder to solve.

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