Daniel Kraft’s Lecture: Digital Doctor in Your Pocket

Yesterday we attended Daniel Kraft’s lecture “Digital doctor in your pocket”. The lecture was carried out by the cool educational center Digital October here in Moscow in the framework of a non-profit project Knowledge stream. I found the event organized perfectly. This is a very rare occasion in Russia, where something is always not working. Yesterday was an exception, we were watching Daniel Kraft in HD as if he was right here sitting with us and talking about medicine. Great job, Digital October.

Nevertheless, I can’t say I enjoyed the lecture 100%. It’s such a pity, I mean, I am very fond of Daniel and what he’s doing bringing together FutureMed and his work at the Singularity University, however, I found his presentation lacking 2 major things:

1. Structure

2. Overall idea or a goal of future medicine

Daniel Kraft has presented a very good overview of existing gadgets and mobile phone apps currently used in medicine, however, the review didn’t have any structure at all and was hard to listen to. I also think that he could have given the audience a bit broader perspective on the future directions of IT technologies applied in medical care, maybe ideas for innovations, but not as nearsighted as using a drone helicopter for drug delivery in Africa. Maybe one of the reasons for that was the lack of general idea of future medicine. It was not cellar what kind of bigger goals medicine will be reaching, what kind of tasks it will be solving, weather it would be curing cancer, or making all the paraplegic people able to walk, or living longer.

I have to say though, that Daniel has done a good job making the audience learn about great stuff like Luke Arm and Dean Kamen, focused ultrasound and MRI for treating brain cancer and applying AI (its current prototypes like IBM’s Watson) to solving medical problems. It’s a terrifying thought that the majority and I mean 99,99% of Russian population has no idea even about 1/10 of what Daniel Kraft was talking about.

There was also a discussion after the lecture and it was chaired by Danila Medvedev, one of the leaders of Russian Transhumanist Movement. Danila looked good and in my opinion did a good job as a chair and a speaker. He’s becoming quite professional at this. I myself have to follow his example and practice more to become an eloquent longevity advocate. I took some pictures during and after the lecture.

The rooms were packed, which was great.

Alexei Turchin, transhumanist and a great expert in global risks.


Mikhail Batin, president of the Science for Life Extension Foundation and Alexei Turchin, his co-author of the book “Futurology”, which is being published at the moment and will become the “bible” of transhumanism.

Danila Medvedev during the discussion.


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  1. There is no doubt that in the future, the cell phone will be much smarter. One of it’s roles will be a a personal physician. Although my guess is that it will rely signals from monitors we’ve ingested in our bodies.

    Of course, like GPS, there is a privacy issue, but as a transhumanist, I am willing to give up a measure of my personal privacy in order to get life extension real time monitoring. Another prediction: powerful life extension technology will only be available to people who consent to transparency in the private lives – given my role in genetic modification and LENR activism I’ve already taken some such steps.

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