The Horror of Being in a Sect

This story touched me deeply. What a brave girl Astra Woodcraft is to escape the Sea Org, a very strict sect within the sect of Scientology. I believe this is one of the worst things that can happen to a person – being deceited into believing some meaningless stories that lead one to separation from one’s family and friends. There is no education within a sect and the lack of education, actually leads people into sects in the first place. The sect and religion in general give a person a false feeing of comfort and sense, but in fact they only feed on the people’s income, energy and other resources.

Several friends of my parents are in various sects right now and it’s so hard to be aquainted to such people, because you see how wrong they are, but often you don’t have enough influence and strength to drag them out of this abyss. However, you can fight sects and examples like Astra Woodcraft prove that to us.


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6 responses to “The Horror of Being in a Sect

  1. Mitchell Porter

    When I saw the title of this post in my blog feed, I thought the “sect” was going to be “advocates of radical life extension”, and the “horror”, that this small group of people is regarded as a sect by society… i.e., reversing the aging process is regarded as the ideological concern of a peculiar minority, rather than as a common-sense priority.

    “The horror is that no-one is seeing the horror.” – Celia Green

  2. Are you serious? I would never ever call the pure movement of fighting aging something as tainted as sect.
    I agree with the quote though, no-one is seeing the horror of the horror of aging and death.

  3. The word “cult” is a bit closer to the desired connotations.

  4. mitchellporter

    Anti-aging research isn’t a sect, but if you say that it is supremely important, society hears you as someone from a technological sect.

  5. mitchellporter

    In other words, “the horror of being perceived as a sect”.

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