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Second Transhumanist Political Meeting Took Place in Moscow

The Second Transhumanist Political Meeting took place on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in the very center of Moscow in Revolution Square right opposite the famous Bolshoi Theater. For the secont time Russian transhumanists went to the streets and declaired their demands, which are – life and youth for everyone, development of new biomedical technologies and development of life extension therapies. The meeting was organized by the Russian Transhumanist Movement. I loved the atmosphere. It’s such a pleasure to be surrounded by like-minded people, who understand the importance of common actions aimed like this one. The meeting was aimed at publicly stating that we need our lives to be protected and extended. We demanded more money to be dedicated to research aimed at eliminating aging and life extension. In this picture Mikhail Batin is saying a couple of words about his new transhumanist book Futurology that he co-authored with Alexei Turchin.

The poster says: “250 years of life for everyone”

“We are against death!”

Posters from left to right: “Eternal youth to the masses”, “People must live” and “For cryonics”.

Alexei Turchin, expert in global risks, is showing Anna Arlanova, actress, the book Futurology, which can be thought of as a transhumanist text book.

Dr. Yury Pichugin is advocating that cryonics must be recognized as a credible scientific field, that holds a lot of potential for the humanity and that more money has to be spent on research in the area of cryobiology.

Daria Khalturina, lobbying expert, is signing the petition to increase funding for research aimed at life extension addressed to the Russian authorities.

“The right to live is the main human right”

“Overpopulation is a myth”, “Protect our right for life!”

“I want to become a Genetically Modified Organism”

“We are for regenerative medicine” and “The retired must live”.

“I want to extend youth to 150 years”



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