Bill Gates Really Wants to Become Immortal?

In the recent Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session Bill Gates was asked what was left in his bucket list and he answered “Don’t die…”

This is huge. However, Mr. Gates sounded like he has no idea what to do in particular to achieve that. Immortality won’t happen on its own. In order to become immortal one has to slow down aging first. This can be done by funding research aimed at deciphering the mechanisms of aging and creating  interventions to postpone, stop and reverse the detrimental processes of aging. Mr. Gates is one of those few people in the world who can actually secure significant progress in extending human longevity and reaching immortality.

If Mr. Gates supports the following scientists, he has a chance on becoming immortal. Here is the list of researchers, whose work is credible and productive: Nir Barzilai, Andrzej Bartke, Mikhail Blagosklonny, Maria Blasco, Judy Campisi, Claudio Franceschi, David Gems, Brian Kennedy, Cynthia Kenyon, Brian Kraemer, Valter Longo, Gordon Lithgow, Victoria Lunyak, Richard Miller, Richard Morimoto, Alexey Moskalev, Thomas Perls, Robert Shmookler Reis, Steven Spindler, Yousin Suh, Jan Vijg.

So, Mr. Gates, where is your money?



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5 responses to “Bill Gates Really Wants to Become Immortal?

  1. Vovix

    If these words are not just words, it may be due to one of these reasons:
    – he thinks solving aging currently is too complex, and the narrowest bottlenecks are in IT and social development (parting with high maternity and child mortality and creating more demand for life extension);
    – or he thinks developing biological means for reversing aging is unnecessary because we can sooner develop uploading or so.

    Anyway, I don’t think it is a wise idea to pay completely no attention to any biological prospects of life extension, even moderate. Especially at BG’s age. All the directions should be explored, and bio is practically feasible way proven on animals; there are quite many low-hanging fruit due to recent disruptive exponential improvements in genomics, synbio etc., and it is still chronically underfinanced.

    Mr. Bill Gates, open your eyes!

  2. Ivanov

    Just a small question: why didn’t you mention Dr. Aubrey De Grey? What do you think about his work?

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  4. James Swayze

    Aubrey de Grey years ago put forth his ideas for finding microbes in odd places, like grave yards and such, that might have properties or byproducts that could aid in the job of ameliorating some of the 7 main causes he has described for why we age. These can be found by checking out Also a Google search provides many other sources found here

    Recently Rapamycin [] was found to in-vitro rejuvenate Progeria cells to a healthy state. Rapamycin in named so because it was developed from microbes found in soil on Easter Island AKA Rapanui.

    This was not affiliated with AdG or SENS Foundation but I believe it lends itself to vindicating some of his theories. He definitely belongs on BG’s list to contact ASAP. Surely Mr. Gates has people that can point him in the right direction if he is indeed serious.

    But the first thing he needs to do is have a back up plan just as I have, sign up for Cryopreservation. Minsky, Kurzweil, Merkle (nanotech pioneer) and AdG among many other notable scientists and technologists are all signed up.

  5. phi

    he want to be god

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