What Happened after Human Genome Project – Numbers

hgp_measuresWe now know the molecular basis of more than 4.5 thousand diseases. All of the above is thanks to some brave and very talented organizers who managed to persuade the governments of several countries that spending $3 billion on sequencing human genome is a good thing. Now we need the Human Aginome Project to find out the mechanisms of aging and creating therapies to cure this deadly disease.

Our task is to study the experience of how the Human Genome Project was started and learn from this experience. If you have any information on the beginning of this large-scale project, the people and stories behind it, please,  share.



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3 responses to “What Happened after Human Genome Project – Numbers

  1. I suppose one of the key points to address would be the Law of Accelerating Returns. When the Human Genome Project was years into development and the team had only completed a small percentage of the genome, the government and other organizations were losing faith and even threatened to shut it down. However, the researchers were confident that lower technology costs, improving processor speeds, and overall the development of better technology, would keep them right on track. Sure enough, they finished on time – ahead of schedule and under budget, from what I’ve seen in my research. And look at all we’ve achieved from the results! Sequencing a genome today only costs a little and can be done in, what, hours? That’s amazing! This is exactly the type of research the government should support.

    • It puts me in mind of the arguments against the president’s proposed 10-year brain mapping project; that it’s too ambitious a goal for the time allotted, that the technology just isn’t there. Proponents of the program should point to the HGP’s success to counter those arguments, if they aren’t already.

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