We Should All Follow Michelle’s Example

My friend Michelle has done something very important and very useful to all of us – she donated money to aging research. I believe this is how we can change the situation – by following Michelle’s example.  Here’s her explanation why she thinks this was a necessary action, which she posted to the Longevity Party Facebook group.

“My name is Michelle and I’m from Wausau, WI (USA). I’m not a scientist, and I’m not very wealthy, but I’m in this group because I care about the future and curing aging. I want to be useful instead of just sitting at my computer chair reading articles on researchers trying to make us live longer and healthier lives. So I tried to talk to my family and friends, you know, to help raise awareness, but I was surprised that most of them didn’t agree with me, and said they wanted to die. My entire extended family is Catholic (with me being the only Athiest in the family), and they all think they are going to go to heaven so there is no point in extending life. This made me quite sad, but then I realized there are other things I can do that will make a difference right now. There are a lot of researchers out there working hard on projects but lack funding. There are 4,661 members in this group. If each of us donated even just $10 a person, that would be over $46,000 we could give to help speed the research along, and achieve our common goal faster. I donated $20 to the Buck Institute. Will you join me and do the same? What do you think?”

Even if you are not particularly wealthy, that’s alright, because every dollar counts in aging research. Michelle chose Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and there are other places where one can donate and make a huge difference for themselves and for the rest of the society, for example SENS Research FoundationInstitute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and other particular labs (which I can provide info upon request). There are also a couple of aging research-related crowd funding projects like the I am a little mouse and I want to live longer! campaign. So, be the change you wish to see in the world – donate to aging research.


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4 responses to “We Should All Follow Michelle’s Example

  1. Peter Christiansen

    Good for you Michelle.

    I also am not a scientist or wealthy but I am a member of The Three Hundred, which supports the Methuselah Prize.

    Peter Christiansen

  2. Tom Chellew

    Have a look at a company called Calico. It would seem that Google is getting into the Life Extension business. This is HUGE news. Perhaps your open letter to Mr. Brin did the trick.
    Google’s resources are enormous – it has nearly $60 billion of net cash on the Balance Sheet.
    Could this be the turning point?
    I bloody well hope so!! None of us are getting any younger.

  3. Mike Williams

    Thanks Michelle, you inspired me. I visited the SRF site and signed up to contribute $20/month. As you point out, if we all contribute a little, it will add up to a significant amount and help to speed the research.
    I’m nearing 60 and in great health, and would like the option of living as long as I want. In today’s world that’s not an option, but it could be. We can help make it happen.

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