Craig Venter Decided to Beat Calico in the Race towards Human Life Extension

craig venter life extensionWe all know how competitive Craig Venter is. Last time he won in the race against the Human Genome Project participants, and now he is up against Google’s Calico. Together with Peter Diamandis and Robert Hariri he co-founded Human Longevity, a company that aims to scan the DNA of as many as 100,000 people a year to create a massive database that will lead to new tests and therapies to help extend healthy human life spans.

Human Longevity has an agreement with the University of California at San Diego to perform genome sequencing of patients at the Moores Cancer Centre. In addition to providing DNA data to doctors at the university, the goal is to make individual genome data directly available to patients once the company meets US regulatory standards for providing clinical-level information. In addition to genome and microbiome data, the company will collect data on biochemicals and lipids circulating throughout patients’ bodies.

This sounds like a plan. The thing that Calico hasn’t got yet. Or at least hasn’t announced yet. I believe in Dr. Venter and I like his plan – gathering as much information about a person’s biological data and applying it to cure age-related diseases is a great goal. They are not saying anything about aging per se, but I’m pretty sure the data will speak for itself and at some point of time the researchers will realize they are dealing with different mechanisms of aging. So yay! for a very particular, very solid step towards defeating aging.



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11 responses to “Craig Venter Decided to Beat Calico in the Race towards Human Life Extension

  1. Will Nelson

    This huge. The last comments I heard Venter make about aging were quite depressing and I thought he had basically given up on it, maybe because he’s probably too old to benefit. I’m extremely happy to see him take up the challenge and it means life extension has really “arrived” in the mainstream of science. I would not be surprised to see a stock boom in this area in 5 years or so.

  2. But did you actually see what Craig Venter is saying?
    They are NOT trying to increase lifespan, but try to improve longevity. And there is no strategy behind it. Just hardcore sequencing looking for clues. Better do this kind of thing at Albert Einstein.

  3. dr m baranwal

    which attainable age by life extension methods, can be said to be practically eternal life. a life devoid of death.

  4. dr m baranwal

    why not every death stopping enthusiast on planet be united with TRUEST n WISEST HEART.

    without competing n thereby stopping unnecessary wastage of resources on overlapping researches.

  5. Извините что не по теме, но что вы думаете о такой камере?

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  7. FlaSher3M

    It fascinated me. As The good folks

    If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.
    George Brett

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