Roadmap to Immortality – Cryonics


A person is not a transhumanist if they don’t support cryonics. Cryonics is plan B for that case when it doesn’t work out to defeat aging within the person’s lifespan. Cryonics is the best possible action in the worst possible circumstances. It doesn’t make any sense to bury the body after a person’s death when the body can be stored in liquid nitrogen until the point of time in the future when reanimation might be feasible. The way how to make cryonics effective is described in the 3rd part of our Human Physical Immortality Roadmap.


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11 responses to “Roadmap to Immortality – Cryonics

  1. Mark Waser

    >> A person is not a transhumanist if they don’t support cryonics.

    Really? What if that person is afraid of the social consequences of a large number of one-percenters forming corporations to “take-it-with-them” via cryonics? What if those corpsicle corporations distort politics even worse than they are distorted now and make life even worse for the 99%? Your plan B may well damn our children to a world even worse than the one that we are already leaving them.

    • Mark Plus

      Subjecting the super-wealthy to rapine and violence because of ignorant “inequality” propaganda will reduce the efficiency of capital investment in the long run and make the world poorer in the future. The super-rich really have done the world a favor by becoming the early adopter and beta-testers of future living standards.

    • Arrison clarifies in “100+” that the wealthy, though early to adopt, provide the necessary capital to lower the cost of this to make it routine. Besides, cryonics isn’t too pricey even right now. Besides, this is a matter of life and death. I’m certain that people would decide to make the investment if they would be at least somewhat guaranteed of its success.

  2. Oh hey, if you know of any companies who are working on this who would use a website or some multimedia to advertise or advance their recognition, please let me know. I’ve done quite a bit to help these longevity companies gain notoriety and public attention and I’m always looking to do more! Here’s a link to my portfolio and contact information: Thanks.

  3. To my mind the main problems with cryonics are that the process of freezing is still flawed but mostly the waiting til you’re dead part. Surely it make more sense to do it before death, despite the current legal situation?

  4. transegypt

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