Roadmap to Immortality – Cyborgization


Here’s a completely different approach to immortality – not thinking about how to restore damaged organs, but replace them with new artificial ones.



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5 responses to “Roadmap to Immortality – Cyborgization

  1. The way I see it, cyborgization will certainly be an option, and is definitely growing in popularity as we find new approaches to repair limbs and replace damaged parts. I think it’s great for short-term problems. However, preserving the brain and its functions is difficult to do with replacement parts. Until Kurzweil’s Singularity comes to fruition, the cryonics, replacement of damaged cells and organs, and other approaches may have to be the focus.

  2. While a few people will need an artificial arm or leg, most people will need a full body prosthesis when they body gives way to senescence, but their brain is still viable. Such a “second life” could be usefully spend exploring extreme environments and settling hostile worlds.

    Frankly, if we were to take a cyborg body now, we could later (when technology improves) get a new human body grown from our DNA (if we still wanted one). If a person wanted to be immortal, I would think one of the safest ways was to live in a mobile armored shell.

  3. This scheme seemingly lacks brain-machine interfaces advancement as a step. This is necessary to control whichever mechanisms we choose to replace our muscules with.

  4. I think it’s possible specially for the fast advancement of the technology. If it happens, It will be a great achievement to human race.

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