Roadmap to Immortality – Nanomedicine


I’d like to present part 4 of the Human Physical Immortality Roadmap.


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10 responses to “Roadmap to Immortality – Nanomedicine

  1. this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen

  2. James Salsman

    At the rate patented private industry funding is eclipsing public medical research spending, about 0.03 humans will be able to attain a 200 year lifespan.

  3. LightMagi

    I dig it

  4. Wish this will become reality in my lifetime.

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  6. hope

    The future people around year 2100 can save all of us if they want to, and if they have enough computation power they can recreate history with the same events in a simulation.
    btw this may not have a accuracy of 100% .

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