9 Obvious Steps to Immortality


1. Use personalized medicine services. Get a lot of data about the state of your own body.

First of all, it’s various “omics”: genome, transcriptome, epigenome, proteome and metabolome. You can do a $100 23andme test, or a half million dollar analysis the way Dr. Michael Snyder from Stanford University did. He was measuring 40,000 his own biological parameters for quite a long while.

2. Participate in clinical trials of geroprotector drug candidates. Several pharmacologic drugs are now known to extend lifespan in animals. The time of human clinical trials has come. Another option for those who doesn’t want to participate themselves is to support such studies financially and organizationally.

3. Personalized science – treat your health as a scientific task. You should identify the existing and potential pathologies in your body and figure out a way to treat and prevent them.

Right now the elements of personalized science are used in treating oncological diseases: people do cancer cell genome sequencing and compare it to the genome of a healthy cell to identify what went wrong and led to the diseases. They also do experiments with the tumor by transplanting it into mice to identify the drugs that may work for the particular patient. This basically means that experiments are done to tackle the problem of a given person. To stay healthy it is a good idea to start fighting those diseases that haven’t yet manifested and try to avoid it.

4. Organize scientific research. Steve Jobs wasn’t treating his cancer during the first several months; he was relying on yoga and meditation. What he should have done was building an institute for bioengineering pancreas and liver and engage in scientific studies. There are a lot of great experiments that need to be organized, for example, studying integrated longevity gene therapy, or one can become a citizen-scientist and build a lab at home and test geroprotector candidates in old mice.

5. Be friends with people with no harmful habits, who are on low calorie diets, physically active and interested in science. Be yourself that way.

6. Create crowdfunding campaigns in the area of longevity. Researchers need a lot of money to do good science. Studies into the phenomenon of life extension and basic mechanisms of aging have paltry funding. We need to advertise the work of scientists that will save millions of lives with the help of crowdfunding platforms.

7. Increase your own competence. Knowledge quite literally extends lifespan. The mechanism of this is not clear yet, but maybe it is due to neurogenesis. New neurons are formed in our brains, but if we don’t use them to form new knowledge, they die. Perhaps it is best to study molecular biology, because this kind of knowledge can be applied to your own health.

8. Sign a cryocontract for neuropreservation and leave as much information about you as possible.

9. Promote the value of human longevity. Public opinion defines government policy. It is necessary to make the government realize the main right of every citizen – the right to live. Aging kills the majority of the people. Various social institutions have to understand this and start solving this problem.


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14 responses to “9 Obvious Steps to Immortality

  1. AG

    10. Stop dousing yourself with chemicals.

  2. Maria, I am a fat gray headed old man. Do you think if i painted my finger nails black I would live longer.
    You are awesome. It is my pleasure to watch you grow over the past few years.

  3. Linguist

    Inspirational as always, Maria. You are role model for life extension and longevity promotion. Even though I work in the Humanities and Social Sciences, your posts and proposals encourage me to think that there must be ways to convince the general public of the value of this cause. Thank you.

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  5. SebastianAndres presta.

    Maria, te admiro y te agradezco la lucha hacia la vida extendida.

  6. It is also important to acknowledge the influence that govt. Policy towards providing improved health care for the aged has a large impact in life extension.

  7. Obvious

    The first obvious step is to stop using Alcohol,Drugs,Tobacco and avoid infections.

  8. You are an inspiration, genius, fighter and leader.

  9. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2014-07-key-aging-immune.html
    Key to aging immune system is discovered

    Excerpt 1): “Old stem cells are not just sitting there with damaged DNA ready to develop cancer, as it has long been postulated”

    My comment: The pseudoscientific nonsense of evolutionary theory led to the above “postulation.” Now, “replication stress” is substituted for mutation-initiated changes that lead to cancer but supposedly also somehow led to mutation-initiated natural selection and the evolution of biodiversity.

    The fact that nutrient stress and social stress cause replication stress in species from microbes to man not mentioned. Would mentioning that fact cause others to wonder why some people do not get cancer even thought they live to be 100 years old, or older?

    Excerpt 2): “Passegué hopes that it might be possible to prevent declining stem-cell populations by developing a drug…”

    Nutrient stress and social stress epigenetically effect biophysically-constrained protein folding. DNA repair mechanisms typically function extremely well in the context of the thermodynamic of protein folding and organism-level thermoregulation, which is why some people enjoy old age in the absence of physical diseases and mental disorders. Indeed, a 96 year old woman recently asked me “What about entropy?” in the context of an extended dinner conversation about ecological variation and ecological adaptations.

    The disease free octogenarians, nonagenarians, and centenarians, are people who probably understand the importance of nutritional epigenetics and the reduction of social stress, which means they probably also believe in something other than evolutionary theory. Belief in evolutionary theory is stressful because it suggests they will come to a horrible end after fighting tooth and nail to survive throughout their life on earth.


    Hopefully, Passegué will develop a drug for those who continue to choose to believe in evolutionary theory, since the drug may be the only hope they have to live forever.

  10. Grue

    Maria, do you think stuff like programs stated in Kurzweil’s book Fantastic Voyage are a good thing? Is it safe and effective to take all these supplements? Do you have a personal strategy to avoid diseases or delay aging? If so, please, share here some information related to it or make a topic about that.
    Thank you.

    • To be honest I am not sure taking a lot of supplements is good for you. There has to be comprehensive testing of different parameters so that we can say something definitive about the effects of supplements on our bodies. This testing will include many-many parameters that will provide information about the changes in aging mechanisms and we will be able to see whether a given drug or supplement is doing a good thing for us or not. Before such a testing system is implemented in real life nothing can be said for sure about taking supplements. Some may work, but maybe not for every person.

      As for the personal strategy – just wait for it. We are just finishing up a whole roadmap on that. IT will be presented at Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference in Santa Clara in 2 weeks. Are you going to attend it, by the way?

  11. Point 1 is really important but except for 23AndMe it is really difficult to get the tests and information. Sometimes it feels like the medical profession is doing everything it can to keep this information from us.

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