Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap


We created the Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap. It represents the general view on the tasks of transhumanism. It is not enough detailed, because each line requires a larger amount of texts to explain it. At some point of time we will present the plans of action on the key points and will explain how and why they need to be implemented. Nonetheless, we believe it is important to demonstrate the comprehensive view on the problem of achieving physical immortality.

The Roadmap to Personal Immortality is list of actions that one should do to live forever. The most obvious way to reach immortality is to defeat aging, to grow and replace the diseased organs with new bioengineered ones, and in the end to be scanned into a computer. This is Plan A. It is the best possible course of events. It depends on two things – your personal actions (like regular medical checkups) and collective actions like civil activism and scientific research funding. The map is showing both paths in Plan A.

However, if Plan A fails, meaning if you die before the victory over aging, there is Plan B, which is cryonics. Some simple steps can be taken now, like calling your nearest cryocompany about a contract.

Unfortunately, cryonic could also fail, and then you can move to Plan C. Of course it is much worse – less reliable and less proven. Plan C is the so called digital immortality, that means one could be returned to life based on the existing recorded information about that person. It is a not the best plan, because we are not sure how to solve the identity problem, which will arise, and also we don’t know if collected amount of information would be enough. But it is still better than nothing.

Lastly, if Plan C fails, we have Plan D. It is not a plan in fact – it is just hope or a bet that immortality already exists somehow, maybe there is quantum immortality, or maybe the future AI will bring us back to life.

All Plans demand particular actions now – we need to prepare to all of them simultaneously. All of the Plans will lead to the same result – our minds will be uploaded into a computer and will merge with AI. So these plans are in fact multilevel defense mechanisms against death structured in the most logical way.

This map is the political program of the Longevity party – this is what we are going to do. We presented the Roadmap together with Alexei Turchin near the White House as an action to increase public attention for life extension.



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5 responses to “Achieving Personal Immortality Roadmap

  1. Where can we find a larger copy of the chart – it isn’t legible at that scale. Love your articles Ms Konovalenko – hope to meet you some century!

  2. I don’t belive Plan C will work at all, at least not with the desired outcome. Even if you could make somehow a 100% perfect copy of ‘your mind’ (and I think heisenbergs uncertainty principle would not allow that) you would have, what we in germany call a doppelganger, just a copy and it would think it is you, but you will be there to watch it also. you could talk with yourself, witch could be odd but in the end YOU would die and I don’t think you would feel very immortal, seeing your ‘imposter’ having a blast while you lying in your deathbed. And I’am no expert on Plan B, but i don’t think we really understand how the brain stores information yet, but as far as I know the brain is not only, if anyway, a physical or chemical storage device. Information is also stored through the electric currents, so if the spark of life, so to speak, will ever go out completly, like if someone freezes you, you will most certanly not come back, not in a million years, no matter what advances mankind has made. cryonics is as good as a bullet to the head, but not the way to immortality. Best thing we can do now is funding genetics, really learn how the programming language of nature works, like the guys at for example. If we understand that, we could do what ever we want, be immortal, growing citys, there are no limits. We will merge with machines fur sure, they will augment us, as they allways did, but I wouldn’t bet on them when it comes to immortality. In a few years when Genetic Synthesis produces the first real world results, the digital age and computers will look like childrens toys. Just my 2 cents, a little longer than expected, sorry for that πŸ™‚ Greetings

  3. Gre

    In plan A “in the end be scanned into a computer”. So this would basically create a copy. What happens with the original? Or are you suggesting that instead of copy-paste the transfer would be cut-paste. That’s hard to imagine. For others it would make no difference but for you one life would be possibly terminated and another would begin, right?

  4. The “copy or original” issue doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I don’t think it is an issue-in-the-territory but an issue-in-somebody’s-map. However, something else does bother me, at least in a very abstract way – namely, Plan D.

    The main problem with it is that it’s a *very* conjunctive and, therefore, very low-probability hypothesis.

    IF the Everett interpretation is correct AND the branching is unlimited AND transfer of energy between branches is possible AND transfer of information between the branches is possible (since the previous clause doesn’t automatically guarantee this one – it could just as well be that information is lost and the transfer results in thermal white noise on the other side, similar to event horizons in black holes) AND earlier branches can be dredged for enough bits to recreate the brain simulation of a specific person without brute-force methods (which would be uncomputable, due to infinite number of steps, and therefore impossible) AND the energy and computational requirements would be small enough for the AGI to even justify carrying out such a procedure instead of spending these resources on myriad more valuable tasks… I’m quite certain this list goes on for quite a while.

    Now, the problem is, each of these clauses is a separate hypothesis (many of them themselves conjunctive, such as everything about manipulating the Everett branches), and the “Plan D” can succeed if and only if all of these hypotheses turn out to be true.

    In the light of both this and the fact that, currently, literally none of these separate hypotheses is known to be true or even to be testable (the other plans at the very least provide empirically testable points that, if successful, may be turned into specific research and development tasks), I cannot take it as particularly serious.

    I can’t tell that it is impossible (since disproving also requires the claims to be verifiable in the first place) but I would say that it is a disguised hypothesis of maximum entropy. It is anticipation-isomorphic to saying “It will be solved by magic”. It feels like an explanation, but it seems to me that it’s not.

  5. It would seem to me that the present knowledge base falls short of accomplishing any of these goals but humanity as a whole can if desired have immortally assuming actions are taken soon to warn in time of world catastrophic events, such as comet impacts, pandemics or super volcanoes. To take actions to prolong humanity at all costs.
    Looking at life on our own small rock, life forms now exist that live thousands of years. Evolution has worked it’s own magic over just a few hundred million years. Our knowledge will continue to grow in genetics, hormone therapies, tissue growth and DNA manipulationn etc. That if our species can expand out into the stars, existence in a billion with a combination of scientific, digital tech, medical manipulation and evolution will increase our life span too thousands or 100’s of thousands of years.
    Even a 1000 fold increase in our knowledge base during the next 2 centuries our own life spark cannot be kept alive. A copy would be the short term method of accomplishing anything close to immortally. As with those that lean on religion for the hope of an eternal life others could possess the belief that a copy would be a sufficient step to their own way of life forever even understanding the original will be lost.

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