Transhumanism Strategy

We’ve put together the survey on transhumanism strategy to reveal the inner discussion inside the transhumanist movement. Our goal is to inspire the people to act.

We believe the greatest sin in our field is wishful thinking. It’s when a person is saying that it would be good to do something, like for instance, to shoot a viral video, but at the same time this person is not doing anything. His or hers advice has to be implemented in real life somehow on its own.

We also tried to get away from discussing whether it’s going to be boring to live, what about overpopulation, and whether we should argue with nature or not. We can’t be talking about this nonsense forever.

We will take the liberty of commenting on the obtained results from 223 respondents and share our own opinion on the proposed questions.

58% think a global movement is needed. I suppose we agree with it, but it’s not necessary that right now there have to be a lot of people. It is more important that the people understand the situation and the goals of transhumanism and are ready to act.

20% believe that the cure for aging can only be created as a non-profit project, and 80% think not necessarily. Our position is that only a non-profit initiative can achieve significant deceleration of aging. We’ve witnessed tens of commercial projects in life extension and every time the idea to earn money wins over the idea of living longer. Radical life extension idea is extremely complicated and burdening it with making money overcomplicates everything.

45% of responders think there should be a unique way of attracting supporters. We are absolutely sure in that. Given the logic of social movements, it’s simply a law. Scouts travel to camps, football fans go to the stadium, and hippies sit on the grass. If we are not unique, but rather travel to camps, go to stadiums to watch games, and sit on the grass, then we will become scouts, football fans and hippies, but not transhumanists. We need to come up with our one way of getting people on board.

71% believes creating numerous startups is the optimal strategy. We don’t agree. You can’t build a house with a hundred nesting boxes.


36% think that life extension is in the first place a political task. Exactly so. We need big government money dedicated to preserving people’s lives.

9% believe a closed, elitist approach is needed. Our opinion coincides with the rest 91% percent, no, probably not needed.

87% think that there is not enough information about life extension, Artificial Intelligence, and cryonics. We presume there’s quite many relevant news and probably we should focus our efforts on those who are well informed already.

37% support street actions. We do too.


76% believe politicians should be pressured. We agree, but don’t see how this is possible without street actions.

29% considers a good idea to focus the efforts on a single project. Due to the fact that there is a shortage in resources, this is our opinion as well.

28% believe the main effectiveness criterion is money. We think so too, transhumanism doesn’t move forward, because of lack of resources.


64% think the main criterion is the increase in the number of supporters. We believe that money is more important, however, obviously everything is tied together.

30% believe we should learn how to do one simple thing together. We believe this is necessary.

45% support the idea that propaganda and raising awareness is most important. We don’t think so. It’s not bad at all, of course, but it seems that there is enough information. We need to focus on organizational solutions.


Half of the respondents considers a good idea to focus on persuading the billionaires. We don’t think so. First of all, we have to become something as a movement.

55% believe persuading the government agencies should be the priority. We also think they should be pressured.

90% think there should be more transhumanist meetings . We agree.

66% think there should be more books on transhumanist topics. Probably, especially on the strategy 🙂


84% support the idea of participating in clinical studies of geroprotectors. We are ready too.

33% believe there has to be a completely different approach is needed. We also think so. The old methods didn’t work. We need a unique way of moving forward.

43% participate in transhumanist projects. We do too.

49% were able to persuade at least 10 people in transhumanist ideas. We hope we did too. We hope were persuaded 10 people, who in their turn persuaded another 10 people each 😉


18% believe talking about forming a global transhumanist movement at the moment is a waste of time. We don’t think so. The internet provides us with a great opportunity.

9% don’t see any possibility to accelerate the progress. We are on the side of the rest who disagrees.

90% is ready to take action and implement the strategy of transhumanism. Hurray!

30% are for cyberpunk. We think it wouldn’t hurt to try.


69% of respondents believe crowdfunding is the best strategy. Yup, we think so too.

22% think 20 professionals can change the situation. Agreed.

30% the current transhumanist leaders are incapable of uniting. Unfortunately we view the situation this way too.

52% think there should be a new powerful leader. That would be awesome.

Please, share your opinion. What are you planning to do to make the bright future arrive sooner?



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12 responses to “Transhumanism Strategy

  1. Interesting survey! Hopefully it’ll generate many possible ideas. Offhand, one idea would be to create a go-to website for all relevant breaking news. Sell advertising space on the website and include an online store to help generate income for the nonprofit’s political and social activity. Sell books (you get a commission from, etc.), clever T-shirts/mugs/etc. Perhaps unique gift cards. Create a calendar of new transhumanist holidays that can be a combination of serious and fun/quirky. Dolly, the first cloned mammal, died on February 14. Valentine’s Day could also be Happy Cloning Day. James Bedford became the first cryonics patient on January 12, 1967. January 12 could be Happy Cryonics Day (and we should gear up for the upcoming 50th anniversary). Etc. Sell a calendar, which can be easily printed through places like Walgreens. People buying and using and sending transhumanist products, all with the website displayed, can help get it more into the public eye. They spark conversation. And at the same time the products raise funds. Cyberpunk themes for some of the products wouldn’t hurt. Share images for the holidays on social media that others can share on their pages to help spread the word.

    • Robert, this is a neat idea. We’ve had the idea of doing some cool transhumanist T-shirts for a while now. Sadly, we are only 5 people who are constantly working on the Longevity Cookbook project at the moment. We will need help with doing something like the website that you propose. Will you be willing to get onboard of this project youself and help us implement this idea?

      • Yes, I might be able to help. From May through August I’m typically working every waking minute for an arts awards program that I run, but I might be able to get something up and running within the next few weeks and have time for improvements/additions in the fall in plenty of time for the holiday shopping season. I’ll email you. And the Longevity Cookbook is a fantastic project! 🙂

  2. I think that Transhumanism goals will be materialized with artificial super intelligence (ASI). The Singularity will be here before any social movement can so completely change so many minds. I have been spreading the word about radical life extension, and to a person people don’t seem to want to live a longer life. The almost universal reaction I get is “You want to live a long time??” OTH, given the rapid rate of speed up in computers (ever hear of Rose’s law?), the advances in neural net technology (for instance DeepMind), and the size of data-bases used to train neural nets, I think ASI is plausible right now.

    My advice is go on a severe CRdiet, and go vegan, stay safe, and exercise. In other words, buckle down and wait for ASI to emerge. OTH, I belong to the Transhumanist Party and fully support your work Ms Konovalenko! Personally, I can’t think of a better campaign slogan than: “We can help you live forever!” Immortality first, and everything else second.

  3. George K

    Hi Maria!
    I came across your blog ect. by suggestions on Twitter
    Having read your strategy piece and results, I find it very interesting indeed.
    If you want my two cents worth I think if you want to grow your movement you should spend some extra time in studding human behaviour and the reasons why they act and support some ideas and reject others completely.
    You are correct when you say that money is a first priority and I would suggest to try and get in touch with Peter Thiel ( he was part of the original PAYPAL mafia ) and he has big plans to extend his life span, the last I heard his target was 120 years.
    I’ll be following your progress and its great to stumble across people with creative visions.

  4. I have found the once unknown causes and cure for ageing.. And in my dealings with those powers that consider themselves to be.. The only way this can be done at first is privatized… It will take a base / nucleus of individuals who can first be healed.. Then the shown evidence of them being cured will finally awake many others. But the earth is eating 95% agricultural products that help mankind die of ageing.. To redevelop the farming industry in each nation will be tough. The nucleus of scientists and investors/partners in my soon company. Will be healed within months.. But for the entire earth.. It will be decades, before they will be no longer ageing/dying… It sadly will be the affluent and professionals that will be first in line.. But that is how any medicine or technological development/product has begun.. First in the hands of the wealthy and professionals.. For examination go view at .. Respect to the Wonder Woman of Transhumanism {Hey today is my birthday.. HA.. At least where ever you are at Maria its the 12th here. My birthday 2-13- somewhere in time.. Ha}

  5. James Clark

    The one problem I see with Transhumanism which is something you’ve done something about with the Logevity party is a lack of universally agreed upon ideals.
    I do believe in a universal global movement but, there must first be agreed upon ideals. Also there’s more of a need for individual nations and local areas to have political and ideological movements based in the ideas of Transhumanism which fit those particular areas I’ve looked into how to create a political party and have decided this would be too restrictive but, perhaps a not for profit special interest lobby would be more feasible. It’s difficult as I am one person and many transhumanists in my opinion aren’t serious enough to take action in the offline world.
    You (Maria) do the work of fifty average transhumanists. You truly are a source of much needed revitalization to’the Transhumanist cause.

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  7. Nexion913

    My reply is much to long to cram into a reply box, and so I have created a post of my own, based upon your post. I have provided a link to this page. Everyone should feel free to comment on my page, as well as here. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your future post.

  8. The billionaires of this world are a majority of them over 60 years old.

    They know first hand how much it sucks to be old and how bad aging feels like.

    I think they also realize that there is nothing more important than to take action in ending aging.

    The billionaires have a lot of money and a limited number of years to live.

    They can extend their lives if they choose to take action and collaborate with us.

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