Transhumanism Strategy Boils Down to Choosing a Crowdfunding Project

Maria in the library First of all, let’s draw a line between a strategy and wishful thinking. There are plenty of wonderful transhumanist projects. A viral video, a global portal, attracting celebrities, proof that aging is a disease, convincing billionaires, educational programs, letters to politicians, civil actions, participating in elections, creating a strong community, clinical trials of combinations of existing age delaying drugs on animals, TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters, creating a political committee, conferences on transhumanist topics, scientific megaproject on life extension, cryonics company, crowdfunding, a lot of startups relevant to transhumanist topics, active use of AI elements in all areas and so on . The only question is how can we do all of this? Often, when a person gives advice that we need to do this and that, they have a feeling that they solved the problem. However, “this and that” won’t just appear by itself. There is merely a feeling that the problem is solved. This is how a person solves the problem of being involved in transhumanism by giving a piece of advice. It should be noted that all pure transhumanists projects either failed, or lead a miserable existence, or degenerated into something unreliable. This does not mean that things are very bad. There is a general tide of science that raises all boats. Our task is to accelerate this process. And this is something that doesn’t work too well. The goal looks pretty complicated. We have $ 100, but we need to do the work worth $10 billion. We have a bunch of arguments about the rightness of transhumanist ideas, backed by thousands of facts and impeccable ethical position. We are talking about the absolute value of human life. We’re talking about the extending of human abilities and building a better future. No one actually is particularly interested in this argument. The society does not think rationally. Otherwise, one would be satisfied with a simple statement: “Not everything possible has been done to achieve human immortality.” The necessity of bringing to life all transhumanist projects logically follows from this one argument. In fact, not only everything possible hasn’t been done, but even one-thousandth part of what can be done still hasn’t been accomplished. When I say ‘transhumanists projects’, I mean life extension, advancing human capabilities, nanotechnology, biohacking, cryonics, approaching the singularity, creating Artificial Intelligence, solving of AI friendliness problem, internet of things, and preventing existential risks. The society needs emotions rather than rational arguments. In this regard, we also have a set of wishes, what should be done: studying motivation to radical life extension, increasing the prestige of the transhumanists movement, emergence of a capable leader, and more fun. We can measure the results of our work by the number of people involved, the volume of publications and fundraising. I believe that our performance should be measured only by the amount of money raised. Publications are meaningless by themselves if they don’t directly lead to raising funding for transhumanist projects. I have in mind a complex of organizational activities in the field of business, science, politics, NGOs, education, mass media and social networks. But I offer measuring the work quality in money only. By launching a crowdfunding campaign for any important project, such as mammal body transplantation, we will probably collect only about $2,000 of the necessary $20-50 million dollars. Right now, we do not have the social support for direct financing transhumanist projects. Nevertheless, it is in crowdfunding where I see the implementation of transhumanism strategy. It is both the creating the community, and influencing the politics and business, and fundraising. I propose having the discussion about the transhumanism strategy exactly about the selection of crowdfunding projects. It makes no sense to talk about whether or not overpopulation will occur, should we argue with nature and if we get bored. It makes no sense to put forward wishful thinking that we have to make a viral video. Our debate within transhumanism should be about which crowdfunding project we focus our efforts on. After all, crowdfunding is a quick way to understand whether the project will be successful or not. If the first project is not successful – we proceed to the next one. Among others, this approach will help to create an efficient group of people that ultimately will change everything. So, what are these projects? I think that they should be marketing tools for implementing transhumanist ideas. I think that in many ways the strategy of transhumanism is in creating mobile applications by means of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. Besides, the very existence of this kind of apps is a mandatory marker of success for transhumanism. Here are some examples of what those could be. I would love to get some feedback on these ideas.

  1. “Stop Alzheimer’s” app – the daily set of logic brainteasers of the appropriate level, dietary advice, news on ways to improve cognitive abilities.
  2. “Your senator” app tracks public events of a given senator, or governor of your state, invites you to participate in them, offers to sign petitions and participate in rallies, puts the hashtag on a trending political topic.
  3. «Longevity Cookbook» app – recipes, scientific news on life extension. Boosting motivation due to «karma» growth and competitive elements with other users. The app will track and remind about actions aimed at extending of one’s own life.

These are just some examples, any other ideas may work. My plan is simple. Here’s the idea: team building – preparing a crowdfunding campaign – crowdfunding – project implementation – a new round of investment. The subject can range from forming a political committee, and creating causes of aging diagnostics, to using AI in social networks and the putting together a music band. Once the community of contributors is created, we can focus their efforts directly on research projects in life extension and on lobbying government programs on longevity. My take home message is the main question now is what crowdfunding projects we should be focusing on.


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7 responses to “Transhumanism Strategy Boils Down to Choosing a Crowdfunding Project

  1. I think your idea is wonderfully exponential in terms of social networking. Sadly, one good videographer is worth a hundred well-intentioned citizens, and one celebrity is worth a hundred good videographers. One possible route to celebrity is to write a book, then promote it. Mr Zoltan Istvan is a good example of this, and he is parlaying his fame as a Transhumanist author into a run for the US President on the Transhumanist Party ticket, but still his campaign is starved for cash.

  2. You are right about the $2000 instead of billions.

    Compare this to biotech mutual funds and investment trusts. They do raise billions, just to invest in other companies. People don’t “contribute” for the dividend — these are usually small in percentage terms, or even non-existent. I suspect that many people buy and then hold, possibly for decades, and watch the value of their holding go up. But it makes no difference to their lives unless they sell, and many may well die still owning their investment.

    No doubt you are aware of the Singularity Hub, and that seems to be a fertile ground for these ideas, possibly as investments that may attract business funding. After all, if any of these ideas comes true it will have just the same results financially as any of these biotech start ups that seem to be blowing a bubble at present.

    And don’t forget, when these bubbles “pop”, as long as the underlying growth is still there, another one forms a few years later, and is bigger.

  3. bruce.neeld

    Maria, Suggestion for crowdfunding:  make sure you accept Bitcoin as payment.  There are more than a few of us immortalists who support and utilize bitcoin. Thank you for all that you are doing! Bruce Neeld

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5

  4. M Baranwal

    Thnx For So eye opening information.

  5. Well broken down Maria Konovalenko Mighty Woman of Research.. I have done five crowd funder’s, and I literally contacted the earth each month, from Russia to New Zealand, Ice Land, to Hawaii.. Bringing scientific minds to my webpage.. Now over 1200 a month from across the globe {in science and technology visit my site} But we have only grossed “1000.00” in donations.. Yet slowly Minds are opening to the facts we bring. That technology has advanced medical research dramatically. But curing ageing has not advanced, due to technology being correct, but the founders of biology long ago. Did the cardinal sin, they before having enough data, or before doing the proper amount of contemplation on their data, brought forth a theory that they made law.. That is/was wrong.. And then made text books, and curriculum that taught six generations and more flawed ideas, that sent nearly everyone into flawed research, If your base fails, you will spiral into confusion.. It is not their fault or ours that they felt pressed to make mistakes by giving synopsis to their work, before having many give their opinion on what they had found… So we are now at the point to where the evidence from the years of investigation, demand the re-examination of the past data of Biology/Medicine… Respect… go view the once unknown causes and the discussion of the located cure at .. Wherein death and ageing now end…

  6. Alan Grimes

    Good to see someone proposing something… There has been distressingly little action out of any transhumanist on any project, to the point even where I would blindly support any activity at all… My life, however, has not been going too well. I have been suffering under unemployment for three years now with no end in sight, indeed my term of unemployment continues to make me less employable, the subject of which is the first thing any of the few recruiters who still call me brings up. So a first pre-requisite of any transhumanist project is to create a civilization that meets the basic, essential, needs of all the people. I’m not talking about hand-outs, I’m talking about opportunities. I’m talking about giving people who are willing and able to climb a ladder. =| Once that is fixed, it will become possible for far more people to start looking at transhumanism.

    My own master plan is to cretae a neural interface system and VR environment for the purpose of experimenting with different body designs and social organizations, effectively performing the function of a showroom for a broad and diverse array of possible transhumanist/posthumanist bodies. You could use the simulation for entertainment but mostly it would be a cad program for designing a new body for yourself which could then be printed out… Obviously there are a number of problems with this idea but it’s the one that I think would be best right now. For many years I have tried to find common ground with other transhumanists on sub-projects that could be beneficial to both, but that effort failed. I have no resources to do anything right now so I’m screwed. =(
    Here’s my idea in diagram form:

    and short story form:

    yeah, this is a billion+ dollar proposal. =\

  7. I believe that positive action will make a difference, and meetings in Europe
    so we can know each other and discuss and do something that will gather a large community of passionate people like us, who understand that the most important thing we can do here is to end aging.

    For this I propose an app with “Everything you ever wanted to know about Stem Cells” as I see Stem Cells having immense potential for our health and against aging.

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