Discipline Is More Powerful than Motivation

maria konovalenko lab longevity aging research

I know a bunch of people who support life extension, but they are very busy. They are going to first of all deal with their stuff and only then become involved in anything related to longevity. It’s just that there is always stuff to do every day. Meanwhile, life is passing by. We may be simply late. Late by 10 years, by 1 year, by only 1 day. There can be no situation more stupid than being late to buy «my life» ticket. There is so few people in our field. To fight aging you don’t really need motivation, you need discipline. You have to just force yourself. Simply force yourself.



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4 responses to “Discipline Is More Powerful than Motivation

  1. Happy Warrior

    Maria, I agree with your statement but was wondering have you found any specific tools/practices to be helpful in developing a disciplined mindset around CRON and longevity?

    • We are planning on exploring this particular issue in our Longevity Cookbook. Don’t miss the launch of the campaign in only several hours! I will post about it everywhere)

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  3. هباني داود

    كلك زووووق وجمال واناقه
    تسلمي لي أنا

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