Fours Stages of Curing Aging

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Curing aging has 4 stages: mild aging deceleration, dramatic aging deceleration, achieving negligible senescence and rejuvenation. Today we can definitively claim that the task of mild aging deceleration is theoretically solved.

We know the drugs and interventions that slow down aging in mammals. The only thing that we don’t know is dosages, regimes and drug combinations. Defining all of that is the goal of pre-clinical and clinical studies. They can be started immediately. It is also a good idea to do clinical studies of various diets aimed at improving human longevity.

Dramatic aging deceleration will be achieved using gene therapy. Breakthrough studies of lifespan extension in old model animals happened in this area quite recently. We know the genes and delivery methods, now we need a set of powerful experiments aimed at radical life extension. The subject of the intervention will not only be the human genome, but the genomes of the human microbiota.

Rearrangement of how the genome works, as well as genetically modified stem cell therapy and therapeutic cloning can provide negligible senescence.

However, rejuvenation of the organism is likely to be competing with the idea and the very possibility of changing the body as the personality substrate to something else. It is likely that our goal will be not the youth, but creating a more advanced organism capable of solving the task of its own indestructability.


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10 responses to “Fours Stages of Curing Aging

  1. “Dramatic aging deceleration will be achieved using gene therapy.”

    I am particularly interested in this company, which appears to have a feasible technology for adult genetic therapy. Using the advanced statistical analysis of Calico (for example), accelerated by the dramatically decreasing cost of digitizing genomic information and the huge databases with that accumulated digital information (i.e some have compare the genomic revolution’s dramatically decreasing cost to sequence genes with the information revolution’s Moore’s Law), we will soon be able to target spots on the human genome for improvement.

    It is only our primitive medical “ethics” that are holding us back. Our backward system of laws and regulations have simply not adapted to the explosive growth of the genomic revolution. Transhumanism, as a philosophy, as an ethic, and as a politic, must be pollinated so as to accelerate the Singularity Feedback Loop (i.e. intelligence creates technology, and technology improves intelligence).

  2. Lorenzo Galoppini

    “It is likely that our goal will be not the youth….”

    But what would be the sense of curing aging and extending human lifespan if the goal is not youth? I haven’t well understood.

    • mitchellporter

      She’s saying that by the time true total rejuvenation is possible, there will be better options than just having a natural human body, even a young and healthy one. Possibly she is thinking of “mind uploading”.

  3. Steve H

    Bioviva is going to run an AAV TERT small pilot study in a person very soon. I am helping them to raise funds to do this. We are trying to get funding via Longecity and we need the help of the community to do this! If anyone can help us with this please get in touch. This is a grassroots first pass attempt at aging intervention using the same AAV therapy Dr Michael Fossel is bringing to the FDA with his Telocyte project.

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  5. Jere Brinkley

    Have you reviewed the drug Niagen as to its potential in the area of life extension.

  6. Ed the Grocer

    It is so easy. The answer is hiding in plain sight in the Krebb’s Cycle. The key to remember is that we are not ‘One Horse Shays’.

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