Science for Life Extension Foundation Projects

The main goal of our Foundation is to make radical life extension a global initiative.

We integrate efforts in order to increase funding for research in regenerative medicine, gerontology, genetics, neuroscience, systems biology, and related sciences aimed at studying the mechanisms of aging and searching for methods to increase human longevity.

Major projects:

1. Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conference series

Science for Life Extension has organized 3 International Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conferences. The inogural event took place in Syktyvkar, Russia in 2010. The next conference was in Moscow in 2012 and was extremely successful. The 3rd event gathered together 250 researchers, businessman, innovators and young scientists to discuss a wide range of topics from the major aging pathways to the biomarkers of aging and potential commercial applications in the area of life extension.

2.    Comprehensive interdisciplinary “Human Life Extension” Research Program

The goal of the Program is to further the development and implementation of scientific methods that will help to substantially increase the human lifespan.

Priority tasks:
•    Investigation of the mechanisms that are fundamental to aging
•    Development of methods that interfere with or retard the aging process
•    Practical application of scientific research results towards significantly prolonging human lives

Our Foundation invites scientists from all over the world to participate in the development of the Program. Currently 26 leading specialists from Russia, UK, Denmark, Italy and Ukraine participate in the Program. The draft of the Program was presented at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics Congress, IAGG-2009, in July 2009 in Paris. We continue to develop the Program.

Download the “Human Life Extension” research program (0.61 Mb)

3.    Funding research aimed at studying the mechanisms of aging and life span extension

The following studies are currently subsidized by the Foundation:
•    Study of the influence of over-activated stress-resistance genes on life span and quality of life in animals
•    Study of the age-dependant changes in oxidized purines, pyramidines, uracil, single- and double-strand breaks and methylated DNA as biomarkers of aging rates in mice

Research is conducted at the Institute of Biology, Komi Science Center,  Russian Academy of Sciences. Head Researcher: Alexey Moskalev, Ph.D.

4.    Knowledge base: “Integrated System of aging biomarkers”

•    Systematization of the data on age-related changes at the molecular level
•    Systematization of the data on age-related changes at the cellular and tissue level
•    Identification of the relationships between the changes at the molecular and the cellular/tissue levels
•    Study of the relationships between age-related changes and age-related processes and diseases

The poster was presented at the 7th European Biogerentology Congress in Palermo in October 2010.

Download poster “Integrated system of aging biomarkers” (0.68 Mb)

5.    Regenerative Medicine Roadmap

•    Systematization of current research results
•    Identification of future research perspectives
•    Coordination of research conducted by various groups from different institutions in different countries
•    Attraction of potential investors

Development of the roadmap started more than a year ago. Since then, the original map is constantly being modified and improved. Interim results have been presented at the following forums:
•    Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum (April 2010, Winston-Salem, USA)
•    World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress (May 2010, London)
•    7th European Biogerontology Congress (October 2010, Palermo)

Download the Regenerative Medicine Roadmap (0.42 Mb)

6.    Implementation of the achievements in the field of regenerative medicine into clinical practice in Russia

Our Foundation helped to establish collaboration between scientists from the Russian Research Centre of Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) and Paolo Macchiarini, a well known contributor to the field of Regenerative medicine when in 2008 he performed the first Adult stem cell grown trachea transplant.
Russian have scientists already studied his organ growing technique and the processes of trachea preparation for transplantation during the surgeries in Carreggi Clinic (University of Florence). The next stage of the project will be an actual trachea transplantation in Moscow (planned date – December 2010).

7.    Research monitoring in the area of lifespan extension

Scientists working with the Foundation are carrying out the continuous monitoring of research results seeking those that could be potentially used as a base towards the development of technologies and methods for increased longevity. Monitored results are currently being published in the form of a digest. This way the Foundation is not only promoting interest among scientists and students, but is also trying to attract potential investors for financial support of certain research projects.

Download “Scientific trends of life extension” review (Russian) (8.8 Mb)

Download Table of Contents “Scientific trends of life extension” review (English) (0.12 Mb)

Download “25 scientific ideas of life extension” review (1.6 Mb)



35 responses to “Science for Life Extension Foundation Projects

  1. just pavlova

    she is the best in that field honestly. entirely support the ideas of immortalism spreaded by the Fund. everyone can start with himself right now loving yourself and keeping to the healthy life style. it requires less efforts than you might think of indeed. invest in you future, follow the news of the Fund. no doubt it’ll be generously repaid

  2. Peter Christiansen

    Great site Maria. I have bookmarked it and look forward to more reports from Russia.

  3. Mark B

    This is awesome! Thank you for the work you are doing.

  4. Kim W

    Great blog Maria. I added Maria’s blog to StumbleUpon. If you’re reading this, download the SU toolbar and go to her blog and thumbs it up. It only takes a minute, is free, has no spyware. The more people who thumbs it up the more traffic her blog will get from SU.

  5. Simply marvellous.Great work is being handle by you. Wish to have your regular communication. All the best.
    Vivek Atre.

  6. Thanks a lot to all of you. I really appreciate it.

  7. richard holt

    Thank you so much for your work. I’d be interested to know what the attitude of the Russian government is to the H+ movement. Also… you are very beautiful, i hope you don’t mind me saying so.

  8. Keep up with the good work. This is even more awesome and praiseworthy, given the sad state of affairs where science in Russia is ever so often contaminated and slowed down with pseudoscientific nonsense and vacuous mysticism.

    Best regards from Latvian Transhumanist Association.

  9. If people can get over the notion that aging can’t be programmed, and realize that aging is part of a life-spanning development process, they’ll see that aging is a very understandable phenomenon. What is unexpected is that Nature has left open a ‘loophole’ (in the legal sense) that we can exploit to rejuvenate our cells and our bodies, The sequoia tree, its stem cell tissues (meristems), constantly exposed to strong mutagenic sunlight none-the-less lives thousands of years, I believe we can do at least as well.

  10. I’m amazed that you haven’t contacted me – I really do have a plan for rejuvenation of human beings that is practical and doable today. I want to see it enacted. I told you that Aubrey de Grey has already bought into it and says he will fund it – but lately I haven’t heard anything and I so want this project to succeed. It seems that you are heading in the right direction, trying to achieve significant life-extension (while here in the US, there seems scant interest in it), and I have a plan that will work (no guarantees of course, but almost anyone who’s heard about it (and that includes a number of physician-scientists) wants to see it done). The fact that you have not contacted me means either: 1) you’re not really interested in any sort of breakthrough that’s not invented by you and yours, or 2) You don’t really believe me (which is fine – but speak to Aubrey de Grey and he’ll tell you who I am, or 3) You are still investigating me. I’m hoping the latter is correct. Again my e-mail address is or If you’re interested (and I can’t imagine why you would not be), please contact me. If you decide to adopt my approach, I would really like to be a working partner in the research.

  11. Jimmy Thompson


    Jimmy Thompson
    Florida US

  12. I believe I have a ‘cure’ for aging – Aubrey de Grey believed me well enough and Mitch Harman believes that I’m correct – what we need is support – I believe that using current medical technology that we can rejuvenate people, but where’s the interest, where’s the cash. Why because the current model of aging is wrong – aging is at least in part a programmed process and to an extent yet to be determined, reversible.
    I’m sure you’ll miss your chance to a proceed along the well-worn ruts that Aubrey travels to nowhere.

  13. Leslina

    I’m a student at San Francisco State University planning to pursue a phD in biogerontology after I graduate. I am interested in writing to other people in the field about my ideas and learning about what I can do to help find a cure, which I think is very possible. Feel free to email me. I look forward to joining this community.

    • Hello, how can people email you if you didn’t provide any link nor do you have any Gravatar? I’m a geriatrician looking to switch ideas on the field, so unless you don’t want to make your email public here, contact me on my blog.

  14. Hi Leslina. I’m willing to talk to anyone, but I’d prefer someone who is actually involved in doing ‘stuff’. On the other hand It’s be nice to have a community. Yes, I believe I actually have an approach to ‘curing’ aging, but you’d have to first be convinced that the so-called ‘wear and tear’ “Theories” of aging are wrong (I put double quotes around theories, because at best these ‘theories’ are hypotheses based what is presumed the irreversible decline in the abilities of aging cells (particularly stem cells). This has already been show to be untrue..

  15. Oh, BTW my e-mail is – no crazies need reply. What I know is common knowledge – the best work to come out of Harvard and Stanford – but understanding makes the difference (and a bit of luck perhaps).

  16. Interesting effort, just hope we start spreading in the galaxy before we reach radical life extensions, otherwise it will be a mess down here… 😉
    Unless the benefit are restricted, which I hope won’t happen, but you never know, especially if it turns out that immortality to be reached presents big barriers in terms of cost and technology, once the mechanisms is discovered. I also wonder what the consequences would be for a human brain, I think that the associative nature of our memory would simply allow us to use our brain as a buffer for what has happen to ourselves in the last 100 years of our lives…

  17. I believe that life-extension will be the impetus to have us leave the too-crowded Earth. As I believe that rejuvenation is the key to life extension (the attempts by such folks as Aubrey de Grey to prevent aging by preventing the accumulation of damages and metabolic waste-products is like trying to sweep away the oncoming tide with a broom – a futile task compared with just stepping back from the shore. If that is so, (and see my upcoming article in Biochemistry (Moscow)’s special edition of Phenoptosis (later this month)), then I agree – if there’s no room for the brain to grow – then you are right – our brains will be buffers for the last 100 years (plus important memories that may last your very long lifetime (you wouldn’t want to forget your parents (or children))?

  18. For those of you who have the background in biology, and really want to know how human immortality will be achieved read my article. The Russian Academy of Sciences approved it – as it’s published in Biochemistry (Moscow). Springer is hosting it online at:

  19. adityakashi

    I have a basic question here. Why would one want to increase the human lifespan?

    • I think Genocide sounds like a better idea to me, people are like roaches, there are way too many of them infesting the planet

    • Harold Katcher

      Adityakashi. Reminds me of a recent Dilbert cartoon (Dilbert is an engineer) where Dilbert tells a co-worker that when you start to really understand the human species, that’s when you start to hate it. The truth is that people do all sorts of stupid and horrible things to each other and to the planet. We never seem to realize that the ‘other’ is a human with the same feelings as we have. And when we could be cooperating to achieve something, we compete instead. Right now young people throw their lives away for the ‘promise’ that something better awaits them – a promise that will never be kept. We have no thought for the future as we eagerly consume anything we can get our hands on – as fast as we can. It’s very rare that anyone takes the long view.
      Now, I contend that if mankind lived for centuries, (for me that would be close enough to immortality) – all the above would end. Given time, even the most egregious fool learns something, given long lives, people would not be so apt to throw theirs away, given long lives matters that were the concerns of future generations (and hence not concerns at all) suddenly become concerns of our own future well-being. And best of all, given long lives, we may leave the solar system and colonize the stars. By allowing the individual time to grow up, we allow the entire species to grow up. And that’s the dream the Bible and indeed all myths talk of; the goal of (wo)men and mankind, to be immortals in the heavens. The ancients didn’t quite understand the meaning, but they
      did recognize the glory.

  20. Harold Katcher

    Oddly enough that’s a good question. For most people the time they spend on Earth is a sort of temporary Hell and leaving it, especially for a Heaven wherein God will spend eternity making them happy, is all that they want. Since the days of the Ancient Greeks death has been considered a blessing.
    Okay, even if you are not a believer (and not a billionaire) life sucks for the most part – so why extend it?
    I believe if mankind achieves serious life extension (meaning multiples of the present lifespan) then not only is interstellar travel possible, but man, rather than wasting her efforts (‘man’, ‘her’?) in killing people who say they have a different way of going to Heaven, might use that energy, money and time to make the Earth a more livable place for all. Instead of shucking off responsibilities to prosper in the ‘here-and-now’ – and let the harm that they do fall to the next generation to fix, it will become a harm that they will personally have to deal with.
    Throughout the centuries, leaders have been asking their people to kill and die for them, and people, not valuing life, are willing to trade it for their (not-so) immortal glory, “For God and Country”. If life were long – then it would be more valuable and not so easily thrown away (“Do you want to live forever?” is a cry of a battle leader to his troops – and they know full well that they cannot). Also, since the future will be their own future, people are less likely to mess it up under the thought that they can escape the consequences by dying.
    For those who still crave Heaven – there’s no conflict – even the universe won’t last forever – and even if people were to live a billion years (not something very likely) and then die (my guess is that they’d be ‘dying’ to do so), they’d still have an eternity of Heaven.

  21. I think Genocide sounds like a better idea to me, people are like roaches, there are way too many of them infesting the planet

  22. Harold Katcher

    Nature is as opposed to overpopulation as you are – and there have been many genocides, yet people keep coming. Genocide is a time-honored means of eliminating excess or unwanted population, starvation, disease and wars in general are others. When there are really too many people that will be an unstable situation that nature will remedy with her own harsh means – of course with human solutions an added measure of cruelty is thrown in.
    I assume P J that you are human and hence like a roach – are you volunteering to suicide yourself? Or just to kill others? There are some outfits that need people like you – people who hate life and love death.

  23. StanChen

    I’m interested in the “science for life extension foundation project”. How can I get more advance information? How can I get involved?

  24. as per the ancient Indian medical system it is not difficulty to increase the life span of a human being,but the methods kept under secret…it is very sad to say that no body giving support to do research on this…

  25. just i will explain with simple example our life is the combination of physically appeared body driven by unknown energy within the body,without knowing the attachment to the both how can we get success in life extension ? the death is nothing but completely losing of our internal energy from body.In India still there are so many saints who learned the medicinal methods which are strengthen both physical Body and Internal Energy and living long life…..

  26. One day around 2012 march 21 when i was learner with my saint at himalaya…I asked him a question that “lord how can i see my internal power which is caused for life existence ?
    he simply directed me to stand and explain one scientific experiment surprisingly i experienced my inner power like a magnetic force…then he replied we cannot see that internal power through external instruments like eye,but we can experience that by our skin or sense. Again he told me that relationship between the body and the soul(i.e.Internal Energy) is like a water and dam at a reservoir.Here the dam is body and the soul is the water.If dam is weak definitely the water will disappear within short period or when the branch canals are heavy to that reservoir then there are more chances to disappear water…so,wise men who wish to live long life need to strengthen both physical body and Internal Power of Soul….further he taught me various kinds of methods to strengthen physical and Internal energy which includes preparation of medicines using various herbs(i.e. bio chemicals)……..

  27. Harold Katcher

    You are saying that we start out with a supply of energy that we lose but can be re-supplied by some sort of cosmic connection? Where’s the proof – how do you know how long Indian yogins actually lived? It’s clearly a benefit to the temple to say that such and such a yogi lived five hundred years instead of ninety-five years.
    I believe that we inherit a lifespan which is a succession of life-stages from zygote to old age – the number of life-stages is finite and each has its own specific mortality rate. The number of stages determines species maximum lifespan and the intrinsic mortalities of those stages, which generally increases with age, determines how many of those life-stages you will experience before you die.

    • sir,
      I agree with your statements but what is the controlling factor of process of zygote to old age ? in last seven months i met nearly 18 normal human beings who are crossed the age of 100 still they are doing their daily duties without effecting of old age….I started my research exactly what you are asked (Where’s the proof – how do you know how long Indian yogins actually lived?) and what is the controlling factor of life span? hope that my experiments will get success….
      thank your comment sir

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