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History of Cryonics – Biography of Mike Darwin

Yesterday I stumbled upon this beautiful biographical story of Mike Darwin. Mike Darwin is one of the best cryonics specialists in the world. His contribution to the science of cryonics is tremendous. It is very well described in the biography. And not only it is a personal story, but also quite a large part of the history of cryonics with its challenges and achievements. Read about dogs fully recovered from being kept at  5oC ( 41oF) for 5 hours and other fascinating experiments.

I believe it is crucial to have more experiments in cryonics. This is a great chance to life forever. Sadly, cryonics has quite a lot of challenges, which are not yet overcome. Probably, the worst thing is that people don’t see how fascinating the promise of cryonics is. I encourage everyone to promote cryonics and cryobiology. We have to change the existing situation and create an industry. Cryonics may become the best business in the world.


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My Visit to KrioRus – the First Cryonics Company in Europe and Asia

Yesterday I visited the facilities of the Russian cryonics company KrioRus, which are located just outside Moscow. That’s the huge dewar flask where the cryopreserved bodies are stored. It’s so big that one needs to climb up a ladder to peek through the steamy nitrogen. And in the picture below Alexei Turchin, a renowned futurologist and expert on global risks, and I are in front of the other dewar flask, now empty and waiting for the new cryo patients. Cryonics is an amazing opportunity to get a chance to find yourself in the future. I believe cryonics is the choice of truly smart people.


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Freezing without cryoprotectants

A solution for the cryopreservation of human internal organs could be at hand in the form of a technology used to preserve sushi that can instantly freeze water, meaning there is no time for cell damaging ice crystals to form. In fact, it’s already being used to preserve teeth.

A research group at Hiroshima University, borrowing super-cooling technology used to preserve sushi and high-end food delicacies, has proven it is possible to freeze cells without the use of toxic cryprotectants. As reported on Singularity Hub, the “Cells Alive System” (CAS) produced by Japanese company ABI prevents freezing at super-cool temperatures by vibrating the water using magnetic fields. This allows the water to be super-cooled so that when the magnetic field is turned off, the water freezes instantaneously – too fast for damaging ice crystals to form.

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