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You Are Invited to Longevity Cookbook Indiegogo Launch Party


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Longevity Cookbook Indiegogo Launch Party

longevity cookbook indiegogo launch party5 reasons why you should invite your friends to the Longevity Cookbook Indiegogo Launch Party:

1. Do you want your friends to have better and longer lives? Take care of them! Let them know that they can extend their lives and the lives of many people around them.
2. To slow down and eventually defeat aging people should unite. Longevity Cookbook Party is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people, think of new projects together and have fun.
3. Longevity Cookbook is the strategy of defeating aging. We are launching a project that is going to change everything. Participate in this historic event! Our book will save millions of lives because we will provide scientifically proven information about how to preserve your life.
4. Often people don’t know how to help the cause of longevity. Now there is a clear answer! It is crowdfunding for Longevity Cookbook.
5. And photos of course! We will have tons of cool pictures taken from the Party!

Reposting this is making a contribution to an action of peace, goodness and fairness.

I am looking forward to seeing everybody on May 14 at Mighty club in San Francisco at 119 Utah street!


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Fund Anti-Cancer Research and Make Drugs Cheaper at the Same Time

This is a very cool crowdfunding campaign – you can help create a new cancer drug and at the same make it much cheaper. How? The researchers will not patent the drugs. Like polio vaccine, which was never patented, therefore it was widely available. Check out the website and the video. I loved it and made a donation of $50, because I find projects like this can change the existing paradigm in healthcare when the existing drugs are just deadly expensive. I encourage you to support the project and share it with your friends.

By the way, in aging there are also drugs that can never be patented like aspirin, metformin and rapamycin, but may well extend our lifespan. No pharmaceutical company will be interested in looking at substances that can’t be patented, but this could make our lives longer and healthier.


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Full Genome Sequencing Costs

NGS full genome sequencing prices

For those who are interested how much it costs to get your full genome sequenced – the prices are above. This table comes from a great review article on cancer genome sequencing that I have written before. The table clearly illustrates the promise of next generation sequencing in terms of pricing. It’s getting more and more affordable. I think we will see full genome sequencing in the clinic as a routine diagnostic tool quite soon. This will mean more accurate diagnoses, hence better treatment for various diseases. Of course the application to cancer is the most obvious one when we can identify the genome mutations and changes in expression that lead to progression of the disease. More accurate diagnoses and treatments will increase health and longevity of millions of people.

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Third International “Genetics of Aging and Longevity” Conference Featured Research on Multiple Ways to Combat Aging

Genetics of aging and longevity conference

More than 200 participants from North America, Europe and Asia met in post-Olympic Sochi for five days this April, as world-famous anti-aging researchers exchanged ideas at the third International Conference on Genetics of Aging and Longevity. They discussed progress and remaining obstacles, in their efforts to deepen our understanding of this complex phenomenon and develop strategies for interventions.

The central themes of the conference included (1) identification of molecular targets for lifespan-extending drugs, (2) understanding the protective genotypes of centenarians and exceptionally long-lived animal species, (3) the complex roles and interactions of genetic determinants, epigenetic regulation, metabolism, gut microbiota, lifestyle and environment in shaping the aging process, (4) developing technologies for artificial growth, cryopreservation and transplantation of organs, and (5) new technologies, including gene-editing nanoparticles and artificial chromosomes, as prospective anti-aging tools.

The doors opened on April 6, 2014, to the 3rd International conference Genetics of Aging and Longevity, organized by the Science for Life Extension Foundation in collaboration with the Institute of biology of the Komi Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Scientists from many fields of biology, medicine and informatics, and from 19 countries (Russia, U.S., Canada, Ukraine, UK, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Israel, Italy, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Uzbekistan, and Jordan) met in Sochi and were unified by one common goal – the ever-growing importance of understanding the mechanisms of aging, to develop ways to prevent and possibly reverse this debilitating and deadly process that underlies virtually all age-dependent diseases.

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Don’t Drag Me Along into Your Grave, Daniel Callahan

I don’t want to die, but apparently Daniel Callahan wants me to.  He wants me to say nothing, do nothing about aging and just wait until I am 75 and die quietly. Well, that’s not going to happen, mister.

Bioethicisits like Callahan are the ones responsible for our suffering from the horrors of aging-related diseases and death. And here’s why. The opinion of bioethicists prevents the progress from being fast enough to cure aging. The decision-makers rely upon what senior “thinkers” like Callahan have in mind on the problem of life extension. Unfortunately, in the case of aging, this opinion is merely a handling of the topic by people, who  are not competent enough and don’t take all the society in consideration. They claim they do, but they don’t really. As a matter of fact, the ethical position is on the transhumanist side. We believe the life of a person is the most important thing, and it is worth fighting for regardless of the situation. A person’s life is the ultimate value. Callahan, on the contrary, states that, basically, people shouldn’t be alive if they are over 75 years of age, because they are too expensive to be alive for the country. Well, apparently, this doesn’t concern Mr. Callahan’s life, which is too precious for the country that his ethical position makes an exception and lets him perform a heart surgery at 80 and be perfectly fine with it.

What is obscure for Daniel Callahan is the fact that even if the current biomedical advances are not yet powerful enough to cure aging and prolong the youthful state of the body, they definitely will be in the future. There’s a good chance researchers will come up with ways to cure emthysema and heart failure, meaning not only alleviate the ill health, but get rid of the causes of those nasty diseases. I believe it will be possible to return people to their youthful state by applying gene therapy, various drugs, maybe stem cell therapies and other things that scientific progress will come up with. But in order for the science to move along and give us the gifts of not getting old and maybe even reversing old age and bad health, biothicists like Daniel Callahan should stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about the society.

I’m pretty sure Callahan doesn’t think he’s going to live much longer, and he is trying to make longevity seem like an undesirable thing – a world populated with oblivious elderly like in Swift’s Gulliver’s travels, so that he doesn’t feel bad for himself. But by doing so, he is making this sick dream of a 18th century schizophrenic writer a reality. He is slowing down the progress by making other believe that life shouldn’t be extended.

Life should be extended. It’s the most ethical thing to do. There is always hope that science will come up with the solution to your particular situation and your health problems will be gone. The future is worth fighting for, so don’t give in to the “oh, there’s nothing we can do about aging” mood and start learning about all the exciting research news on longevity, post about the importance of aging research in social media and meet with like-minded people online and in real life. These simple steps can be a great counterbalance to all the Callahans in the world.


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David Bolinsky – Beautiful Information – TEDx San Francisco

I am very proud to say I am a friend of David Bolinsky, a medical illustrator, whose pioneer work has already changed the way students learn Molecular Biology and will influence millions of other students in the nearest future. In the second part of the talk David shows what he has been doing for his new company, Emersion Learning. Aren’t those animations just amazing? I believe this is how all scientific books should look like.


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