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How Genetic Information will Change the World


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We Need More Books Like 100 Plus by Sonia Arrison

Wall Street Journal reviewed “100Plus” – a book that argues for longer life, regenerative medicine, aging research and the future of our health. I wish there were more books like this one that promote transhumanism and show that longer lives mean healthier and hapier lives. We need more books that tell the audience how we can achieve life extension. There should be more books and articles that talk about what exactly each person can do to help depending on their occupation, social status and other factors.

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My Visit to KrioRus – the First Cryonics Company in Europe and Asia

Yesterday I visited the facilities of the Russian cryonics company KrioRus, which are located just outside Moscow. That’s the huge dewar flask where the cryopreserved bodies are stored. It’s so big that one needs to climb up a ladder to peek through the steamy nitrogen. And in the picture below Alexei Turchin, a renowned futurologist and expert on global risks, and I are in front of the other dewar flask, now empty and waiting for the new cryo patients. Cryonics is an amazing opportunity to get a chance to find yourself in the future. I believe cryonics is the choice of truly smart people.


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Futurology. Table of Contents.

Futurology studies the implementation probability of various scenarios of possible and disirable future of humanity based on historical regularities, social trends and technological achievements. The field of study focuses on current and past trends of what has been taking place in our day-to-day realities. The goal of futurology is global forecasting and predictions of the long-term fate of humanity as a whole.

I would like to draw your attention to the table of contents of a new book called ‘Futurology’ by Mikhail Batin and Alexei Turchin. I believe that this book is extremely important for those who care about, and who are willing to influence the future of mankind.

The purpose of this book
Chapter 1. Futurology as a Science
1.1. Scientific basis of futurology
1.2. Cognitive biases
1.3. Stages of the future and the measure of uncertainty
1.4. Predictability and forecast horizons

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