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Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conference – Venue Chosen

One of the best conferences in the world, Genetics of Aging and Longevity conference, will take place on April 6-10 in Sochi, the city of 2014 Olympic Games. A couple of words about the event – the best geneticists of aging will gather to share their latest research on

  • Longevity genes in human and animals
  • Epigenetic mechanisms of aging
  • Inflammation and hyperfunction, intertwined mechanisms of aging?
  • Environment, genes and aging
  • Biomarkers of biological age
  • Pharmacological interventions in aging
  • Strategies for regenerative medicine applied to humans
  • Systems biologyof aging and longevity
  • Comparative biology of lifespan
  • Oxidative damage and aging

And now we know the place where the magic will happen – Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center. Here are the pictures of the place.

Don’t forget to register for Genetics of Aging and Longevity here


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Poll – What area of life extension do you think offers the best perspective?


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Novel mechanism of caloric restriction revealed

Scientists from Mount Sinai School of Medicine are trying to answer a question that has baffled the science community for many years: How is it that caloric restriction can result in safeguarding against diseases and effects of aging? And conversely, how does an excessive quantity result in a hastening of age associated illness?

The answer can be located in an investigation headed by Charles Mobbs, a Ph.D., and Professor of Neuroscience and Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. His investigation looked at how caloric restriction and an elevated calorie diet can impact biochemical reactions.
Dr. Mobbs along with his associates pulled apart a molecular mystery to establish with some sort of precise parameters. A reduced calorie diet slowed the growth of certain age linked illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, and also the process of aging. How the diet becomes limited; if fats, proteins or carbs are reduced, seems to not matter at all. According to Dr. Mobbs, it might not have anything to do with stopping particular nutrients or managing a reduced caloric intake, but rather what transpires when there is a lowering of dietary intake and its influence on the glucose metabolism, that contributes to oxidative damage.
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