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European Union Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize

Today all over the world we hear the voices of indignation and irritation about the European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize. These voices belong to ingramuses.

European Union is the greatest political achievement of people of the Earth. For thousands of years the European nations were ruthlessly exterminating each other. Just 70 years ago dozens of millions of people were dying at war, the factories were burning people alive non-stop, day and night. People hated outlanders. Today were are witnessing a completely different situation: the boundaries are erazed, we feel absolutely safe in another country, we can get a job, there is one save currency in the European Union, which is very convenient.

The Eropean Union is an example for other countries in the policy of benevolence, humanitarism, protection of civil rights and providing opportunities. Of course, not everything goes smoothly and thing are quite complicated now. And it’s not only about the economical crisis, but about the general setback of panhuman, liberal, democratic values all over the world. Namely the EU is the island of liberty, ideals of good and justice, that stands against the waves of religious fundamentalists and autocratic regimes, that are willing to submerge the whole world into the sea of blood, pain and suffering.

The European Union deserved the Nobel Prize, because it’s heard work of many people in favor of peace and friendship among the nations. From my part, I wish human life becamee more  and more valuable and the efforts of the European governments were dedicated to radical life extension. To do that more attention to studying the fundamental mechanisms of aging, development of regenerative medicine and allying Artificial Intelligence to biological tasks are needed.



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