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Money Chart

I love charts. And money. If you do too, then you should take a look at this money chart right here.

5 different things I learned from it:

1. It’s very likely the problem of aging can be solved using just the money to be spent on hosting the World Cup 2022 by the City Qatar. Just think about it – 1 World Cup = Everlasting Youth

2. US annual charitable giving to religious organizations is roughly 3 times larger than government annual medical and health-related research funding. I believe these numbers maybe somewhat useful in a discussion about the religion being the major hurdle on the way of technological progress.

3. US spending on lung cancer treatment is 2 billion dollars less than US spending on cigarette marketing

4. Diddy + Jay-Z + Dr. Dre =  J.K. Rolling

5. Kate Middleton’s dress cost roughly 6 years of income of a ‘bottom 50%’ household (and for Russia that would be a middle class household)

I’d love to learn about the most exciting facts that you are are able to get from the chart.


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