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US Pentagon funds technology that uses a patient’s own skin cells to generate living, tissue-engineered skin

A biotechnology company just got a cool $18 million from the US Defense Department for its PermaDerm™ product – an engineered skin substitute grown from a patient’s own skin cells!

Regenicin Inc., a New York unit of the Lonza Group, specializes in the development of regenerative cell therapies to restore the health of damaged tissues and organs.

According to Regenicin:, “PermaDerm allows a small harvested section of the patient’s own skin to grow to graft an area 100 times its size in as little as 30 days. The living, self-to-self skin graft tissues are intended to form permanent skin tissue that won’t be rejected by the immune system of the patient, a critical possibility in porcine or cadaver skin grafts.”

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