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The Second Annual Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum

Regenerative Medicine Foundation announced the Second Annual Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum. It will be held April 6–8, 2011 at The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC. The Forum seeks to advance the field of regenerative medicine and healthcare innovation through the sharing of scientific discoveries, best practices, and business models.

I presented a poster of the Regenerative Medicine Roadmap at the inaugural Forum held in Winston Salem last year. It was a great meeting, especially in terms of networking. This year the agenda list comprizes talks about the relations between the field of regenerative medicine and healthcare reform, regulatory science, big pharma, scientific breakthroughs, and government funding and phylantropic grants.

One of the announced topic is collaboration. I do believe in this word and I look forward to building a strong collaborative network around the Regenerative Medicine Roadmap. It may become a very powerful tool for enlarging the scope of the field and tranlating scientific breakthroughs from bench to bedside.


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Regenerative Medicine Roadmap 1.1


Here is the updated edition of the Roadmap to Regenerative Medicine; the first one can be found here. Cell therapy and tissue engineering are described in more detail, than the rest of the scientific issues. I welcome everybody to take a look and add what’s missing and/or change what’s wrong. I’d also like to note that the organizational issues aren’t described at all, but this is probably the most important part of the roadmap. There should be an implementational plan of how exactly the Roadmap should work included in the organizational part. To do that, we need to address the specialists in the given fields.

But at least for now the question is – what’s missing in the scientific part?

Here you can download the Roadmap Poster-REG-MED_ENG_04-2011_new.

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