Here is the Research Needed to Combat Aging

It is more or less clear what we should do in order to defeat aging. I’d like to bring to your attention a research plan in genetic and epigentic regulation. The author is Professor Alexey Moskalev. But there’s a question to which I don’t know the answer – how can one get the funding?

Download pdf – Methods of studying and interventions in genetic and epigenetic processes



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6 responses to “Here is the Research Needed to Combat Aging

  1. Rodney

    It looks like a good approach. I hpe there will be some interest in implementing it.

  2. It works in model animals. The prolem is how we can scale it up to humans, I mean in terms or resources.

  3. Sergio M.L. Tarrero

    Good work. How do you calculate the resources needed to implement it? Do you have any estimates?

  4. I wish I could better understand this plan, unfortunately I guess that without any medical knowledges it will be quite impossible. Lately I’m very interested in all what involves aging, I also try to understand many things why all happens at the process of aging. However, talking about such type of reserach like in this plan it probably is a huge work to be done, of course, it the finances will be found ..

  5. leon

    Hi Maria,
    The information you have provided are amazing great. May i know if i am able to receive one of your presentation you did on stem cell in relations if you do have it ?Thanks!

  6. hi maria…seems like i cannot download the file. do you have other copy online where i can download? thanks.

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